Internal Exams 

Years 7/8/9 

Year 7, Year 8 and Year 9 have exams in June. The exams are held in classrooms and timetables will be published nearer the time.  

Years 10/11/12/13

Year 10 exams are held in April, Year 11 and Year 13 exams are held in January, and Year 12 exams are held in June.

Before their exams, the students will attend an assembly where we explain how the exams are run, and each student will receive an individual timetable showing their exam rooms and seat numbers. We aim to make these exams as similar to the external exams as possible, so that students are used to sitting exams in a larger space and following the JCQ regulations (see JCQ Information for candidates below).  Students should also be familiar with the Student Information Booklet below.

Pate’s Student Information Booklet 2023 – 2024

External Exams

External exams are held in May/June and students are entered for these exams in February. A Statement of Entry will be given to each student to check, and an individual timetable showing their exam rooms and seat numbers will be emailed to them (and parents/carers) around Easter. 

Students must ensure that they read all the documents in the ‘JCQ Information for Candidates’ section below.

The Pate’s Student Information booklet contains useful information about the exam process, including items to bring to exams, what to do if you are late/ill, exam clashes and results. 

Pate’s Student Information Booklet 2023 – 2024
Please note that there are 3 contingency sessions: the afternoon of 6th June, the afternoon of 13th June, and all day on 26th June. These sessions would be used in the unlikely event that an exam had to be moved nationally because it could not take place when planned. Students must be available for all 3 contingency sessions, even if they do not have an exam scheduled on that day. These sessions cannot be used to reschedule an exam that has been missed for ill health etc.
Individual timetables will be sent to students and parents before Easter, showing rooming and seating information. Any clashes will be discussed with the students before the final timetables are sent.
A Level Timetable – Summer 2024GCSE Timetable – Summer 2024
JCQ Information for Candidates 

The Joint Council of Qualifications (JCQ) publish these documents and students must comply with them.  Please read all the documents carefully as they explain the regulations relating to coursework and non-examined assessments, as well as behaviour before, during, and after external written exams. 

Information for candidates – Written exams 2023-2024Information for candidates – Non-examination assessments 2023-2024Information for candidates – Coursework assessments 2023-2024Information for candidates – Privacy noticeInformation for candidates – AI use in assessmentsCandidate Malpractice in Coursework, Controlled Assessments and NEAJCQ AI poster for studentsJCQ Social media infographicJCQ Warning to candidates posterJCQ Unauthorised items posterJCQ Preparing to sit your exams
Exam Boards and Codes 

Our current exam boards and specification codes for Year 11 and Year 13 can be found in the documents below: 

A Level Entry Codes – 2023-2024GCSE Entry Codes 2023-2024
Results Information 

Results will be available for collection on the following dates:

A Level Thursday 15th August 2024. Please collect your results  between 8.00am and 11.30am.

GCSE – Thursday 22nd August 2024. Please collect your results between 8.30am and 11.30am.

Members of SLT will be on site during results days if you have any queries.

If you are unable to collect your results on results day, please complete the relevant form below. Please note that the form can only be completed from a Pate’s school account:

Post-Results Services

If you are unhappy with your results, or would like to see a copy of your scripts, please read the relevant information below before completing the appropriate form. Please note that all deadlines are final.

A Level Post-Results Services Available (Flowchart)A Level Post-Results InformationA Level Post-Results Fees and DeadlinesGCSE Post-Results Services Available (Flowchart)GCSE Post-Results InformationGCSE Post-Results Fees and Deadlines

Please ensure that you have read the information above before completing the relevant form. You will need to use your Pate’s school email address to complete the forms. Payment information is at the end of each form. By completing these forms, you are giving permission for us to share your details with the relevant exam board.