Yr 8-10 Ski Trip 2024

In the Easter break, 90 students from Years 8-10 (and accompanying staff) headed to Folgarida in Italy for a week’s skiing on the slopes.  The snow was excellent, with fresh snowfall during our stay – 20cm at the hotel and at least 40cm at the mountain top, the conditions were fun and challenging at all levels.  By the final day, all groups could and did ski the whole mountain.

With evening entertainment including quiz night, ski bingo, dining out at the local pizzeria and throwing some shapes at the final night’s disco, our group made the most of their snow and social opportunities!  At the end of our stay, all skiers received their official Certificate of Alpine Skiing Italia card, and groups presented their thank you gifts (and farewell songs) to their respective instructors – a very happy occasion!

Of her Pate’s Ski Trip experience, Jinjing (Yr 10) said,
“The ski trip to Folgarida was undeniably an amazing experience. As a first-time skier, there were lots of falls and embarrassing moments, but the   ski instructors were so supportive and helped us persevere during times when we were miserable and cold. I can definitely say I’ve improved in my technique and I’m so grateful to have been given this opportunity to spend time with peers and staff outside of school, as it gave us a chance to make new friends and talk to teachers outside of the classroom. The organisation of the trip was really well done, as we had different activities planned for us every night and of course, the nominations. The hotel staff were so welcoming, and the food was unreal! I have learnt many things from this trip that have helped my teamwork skills and learning to embrace new challenges. Looking back, it is a trip I’ll certainly remember and wish I could experience again. Thank you once again to all the teachers that made it happen, we’re all extremely grateful!”

Thomas (Yr 10) reflected,
“The ski trip was a great opportunity for me. I felt we got the most out of the time we were away, as it was well organised meaning we could do a lot of skiing. This was made even better by the ski slopes – they were great fun as it was snowing for much of the time we were there. This meant the days felt challenging and tiring, but also fun, and every night we were exhausted, but also super excited for the next day. I felt that my skiing really improved over the week as well, and the instructors were very good at helping us.  In the evenings the teachers made sure to entertain us, and ran activities such as bingo and karaoke, and these things also helped me to socialise with people on the trip I hadn’t spent much time with before, and I feel I have made plenty of new friends. It was lovely to see a different side of teachers we only otherwise have experience with in classrooms. The hotel staff were very helpful, and we were very well fed, at points there was even too much food! On the last night we got to go to a disco, which was great fun – it was 2 hours but felt like ten minutes! Overall, I felt the trip is great for all levels of skiers, who want to not only improve their skiing but also have a great time while they do so. If I could do it again, I definitely would.”