Year 8 Visit Aachen, Bonn and Cologne

Year 8 students of German visited Germany over Half Term on a five day exploration of Aachen, Bonn and Cologne.

Travelling by bus and ferry, the excitement rose over the 14 hour journey and arriving at the hostel which was to be home for four nights was a relished moment for all!

On the first morning, the group enjoyed the morning in Aachen on a market shopping  challenge, before heading to Bonn for the afternoon’s exploration of the Haus der Geschichte museum, with its permanent exhibition Our History. Germany since 1945, which was a fascinating experience for us all. The day concluded the day with the sweet treat of visiting the city’s Haribo factory outlet before supper back at the hostel.

Sunday morning’s trip to the Deutsches Sport & Olympia Museum in Köln was a delight for many with its rooftop football and gymnastics, before heading on to the neighbouring Chocolate Museum.  The group then ventured to the three countries border point, where Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands meet, which is always a momentous experience.  After supper back at the hostel, the group enjoyed an evening bowling.

Monday’s trip to Phantasialand theme park in Bruehl was a great success, with students particularly enjoying Black Mamba and the River Quest.

Our final night in Aachen we visited the local supermarket, snapping up tasty treats ready for the journey home the next morning, full of the joys of our German jaunt!

Of the experience, Victoria said,
“I found the Haus der Geschischte very interesting and I loved learning about the complex history of Bonn and Germany in general. My favourite part was living with my friends for 3 nights. I also enjoyed trying the käsekuchen from the market in Aachen. Es war lecker. I was surprised by how many people spoke English but my favourite conversation was with the worker in the bakery where we got the cheesecake. She did not speak English so we had to try and communicate what we would like in German instead of just speaking in English as we usually would. Overall, it was an awesome 5 days.”

Arthur added,
“I liked everything but I really enjoyed the haribo shop, the dreilandenpunt, Phantasialand and the first day in Aachen. The highlight was Phantasialand .  I spoke some German while I was there, and I learnt some new language. It was brilliant!”