Who We Are

Welcome to all Pate’s parents from the Pate's Parents’ Association (PPA) Committee!
Headmaster, Russel Ellicott with PPA Chair, Fi Crouch and Vice Chair, Libby Flackett.


The committee is a team of parents such as yourselves elected to keep the PPA on the move. By the very fact that you are a Pate’s parent you are already a member of the PPA, a registered charity.

Our aim is to do all we can to advance the education of our children by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities for education at the School – this means lots of fundraising which in turn needs lots of volunteers and support from our members! Our aim is to keep you informed of our fundraising activities and to make it is easy as possible for you to volunteer to help at school events.  We are open to all offers of help - please feel free to email us with ideas, suggestions, offers and thoughts.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Meet the PPA Team:

Our Committee meetings take place every half term and we hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the autumn term. Our next meeting will be held at Pate's on Thursday 2nd December 7 pm - 8 pm in the Bungalow. Please email PASecretary@patesgs.org to register your interest in coming along.

Want to Know More?

Minutes of committee meetings can be found here:

Download 7th September 2021

Download 8th July 2021

Download 12th May 2021

Download 10th March 2021

Download 4th November 2020

Download 22nd September 2020

Download 21st May 2020

Download 14th January 2020

Download 13th November 2019

Download 4th September 2019

Download 5th June 2019

Download 29th April 2019

Download 4th March 2019

Download 14th January 2019

Download 14th November 2018

Download 5th September 2018

Download 13th June 2018


Minutes from previous Pate's Parents’ Association AGM meetings and Annual Reports are available here:

Download PPA Chair's Report 2020-2021

Download AGM 2020 Minutes

Annual Report 2019-2020

Download AGM 2019 Minutes

Download PA Annual Report (2018 - 2019)

Download AGM 2018 Minutes

Download PA Annual Report (2017 - 2018)

Download AGM 2017 Minutes

Download PA Annual Report (2016 - 2017)


We issue a newsletter every summer which highlights donations to school, fund raising events and social activities.  Below are links to recent editions:

Download Summer 2021 edition

Download Summer 2020 edition

Download Summer 2019 edition

Download Summer 2018 edition

Download Summer 2017 edition

Download Summer 2016 edition