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We hope that you appreciate the messages from your classmates and staff and enjoy looking at some of their favourite school photos!

"Hello Class of 2015! And welcome back, albeit in this strange new world of virtual reunions.

Well some of us are still here. When you knew me I was the one you would trip over as you entered the Sixth Form Study Centre. You remember - that desk right in the entrance? And you had to sign in late, and in and out with me? Well I have now moved to the dizzy heights of Sixth Form Manager. A role I share with Liz West (who was the full time Sixth Form Manager in your day). We now share the job between us. I do 3.5 days, she does 2 and very happily we get on too as you can see from the photo! Of course, we are now in the lovely new purpose built Sixth Form Centre. Which you must come and see. And the best bit? I now have my own office - no more sitting in the corridor for me!

Wishing you all well. I am sure you will have all gone on and done wondrous things. I hope you are all happy."

Mrs Denise Hardy


Dear all,

I’m so sorry to be missing you all, to be denied a glass of warm white wine in the glorious sun and sliding out a greedy paw for a wilting sarnie whilst nodding wisely at your news. Apparently there’s a virus doing the rounds, and it’s putting the kibosh on lots of things. But needs must to Stay Safe and I really hope that you and yours are thriving and happy and coping despite the surreal circumstances.

I remember the 2015 leavers group all too well which is A* to me and my deteriorating brain, but alarming to think of 5 years having passed. Having just slipped by. During this time you’re all now well into your 20s (blimey) and you’ve become doctors and lawyers and other far more interesting things, too, with university now but a distant dream. While I’ve just shuffled from that weird over-stuffed cave in the old study centre to a bright new cell in the gleaming new building. Very MI5 it is: finger prints and fobs, TV screens on the walls, and a water cooler waiting in the wings. Without a common room, I have less of the booty snaffled from same: so no footballs piled high on mismatched shelves, or random Christmas decorations. No dubious biscuits or tea of worrying provenance. Very grown up it is. But I have chairs for tears and reassurance, and we even have a cupboard for the endless lost property, and board games. And a boiling water tap. Oh it’s all go in 6th form land, nothing quite like it for glamour.

Do call by another time, tread the fantastic literary stairs, marvel at the view: who knew Cheltenham was quite so green? and say hello to us. There’s some fresh blood here, of course, but plenty of knackered old familiar faces, too. (And me. Ker-ching. Ho.) We’d love to see you.

Camilla Collier

Mrs Emily Oram


"The Class of 2015 - my first group as a Head of Year. I can’t believe you are all now older than I was when I started at Pate’s! When I reflect back to my time with you I remember being so proud, having such fun and being really excited for your futures. I have previously named it as the year of George and I am still yet to encounter many characters like: Hall, Adams, Penny, Manuel, Rayson and Dickinson! You were so lovely when you held an assembly to wish me well for my wedding in 2014, I still have the gifts and I have included a photo of where that particular journey has led me. I’m sorry to not see you on your reunion day but truly hope you are all happy and healthy- would love to hear from you."

 Mr Luke Stoneman


Mr Geoff Worth


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