Have you ever wondered how to best resolve the global climate crisis? Do you think globalisation has increased rather than decreased global tensions and poverty? Is there really a universal standard of human rights? Do liberal democracies lead to more or less peace? What does the future hold for our world? How can governments eradicate poverty? A-Level Politics is for students who are interested in world affairs, critical thinking and global solutions.

We offer a two year course focused on the current developments in the UK system of government and parliament, democracy, political participation, voter behaviour, the role of the media, rights and civil liberties. We study the core political ideologies of Liberalism, Conservatism, Socialism with an in-depth study of Feminism. In Year 13 we focus on comparative global politics and international relations, including global economic, political governance, the role of the UN, concepts of power, sovereignty and globalisation.

If you are interested in current events, their causes, management, consequences, solutions and are keen to engage in group work, debates, presentations, seminars and discussion you will find this a stimulating subject. You will need to read widely and with an open mind. The Politics department offers a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities from visiting speakers, politics societies, student seminars and trips. The A Level course is assessed by examinations at the end of June of Y13. No entry requirements: you should have excellent communication skills and an interest in current affairs.


If you have any questions please contact Head of Department emily.cluer@patesgs.org


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