Politics & Elections Workshop

One of the many sessions taking place in Activities Fortnight was our Politics and Elections workshop.  With a political knowledge bingo, focus on general elections and explorations into ideal parliaments, opinions and possible change, our groups covered a range of topics and finished the session well informed for today’s General Election.

Aarohi (Year 8) reflects on the session :

During the Politics session, our class learnt about how manifestos were created before the election, and what the uses of manifestos in politics are. In this session, Mrs Fey gave us an activity to create a party of our own, and a manifesto for it. Some of us made different slogans and made hilarious names for our Parties. By the end of it, we all were bustling with knowledge. While I was organising the paper for our manifesto, my group had begun an interesting debate in the background about whether solving Climate Change mattered more over solving Homelessness, based on the question which Mrs Fey had asked. That debate lasted for a pretty long time! I enjoyed a lot of it as it showed me how much my class already knew about politics in general. Many of us had participated in a mock election, or met a politician, or even donated to a charity! We were all surprisingly connected to politics in numerous ways.

Grace (Year 8) shares her party’s manifesto:

The Change Party

Real Action. Real Change. Now

In the Change Party, we value ideas – we will take points from the general public, as we respect everyone’s thoughts and concepts. One major issue we will make sure to change is the NHS. The Change Party will make sure that once you vote for us, we will provide many NHS facilities, pharmacies, and ambulances, as well as recruiting doctors and staff around England. Another problem our Party will remove is our minimum wage. This will be made a genuine living wage, so that everyone – less advantaged more targeted for this – will have enough money to live on. We also have to give 16 and 17 year olds the vote. Agreeing to our fellow Parties – Labour, Lib Dem (Liberal Democrats) and Green, this will secure our safe and a finer future. Since our population is growing and elderly, the new rules made by the other Parties would not change or affect the elderly as much as the young, who have to grow – these new laws might change their future entirely – maybe even for the worse! The young need to vote – it is THEIR life they are choosing – THEIR life we are changing!

Our Party ensures you have everything you will need, as well as earmarking our major issues today such as homelessness, (mostly knife) crimes, and climate change. One thing we will definitely be doing is… CHANGE.

Change our country for what is better to come.

Change our country for the good.

Change our country… because we need to.