Philosophy Theology & Ethics


If you have an enquiring mind and enjoy lively discussion you will find Philosophy, Theology and Ethics both challenging and engaging, regardless of your background, outlook or the beliefs that you hold.

You will be expected to grapple with difficult philosophical theories and moral dilemmas and understand how developments in religious thought have shaped our lives. You will be challenged to revisit your assumptions and beliefs about morality, existence, truth, life after death, sex, language, conscience, human nature, personhood and gender, among other things. You will need to engage with a range of views, thinkers and texts and be willing to read extensively in your own time. You will be supported and encouraged to develop your essay writing skills and to participate effectively in class discussion and group work. Previous students have told us that their study of ethics has forever changed their awareness and method in moral decision making and that their work in Philosophy has given them radically different ways of looking at the world.

This subject will impact what you study in every other field because, at its core, it is the study of how we think and understand. PTE works well alongside study of the sciences: it complements students’ practical knowledge and technical skill with the wisdom to navigate and understand the implications of medical or technological advancement. Whether we’re developing artificial intelligence or reflecting on the legal position on euthanasia, the study of PTE fosters a criticality and awareness to take part and shape the future responsibly. For those going forward to study PPE and various mixed humanities courses, PTE lays the foundation for all that will follow. You will learn critical and fundamental analysis and evaluation skills and the ability to untangle arguments in order to challenge the constituent parts and underlying assumptions. PTE also obviously sits well with History, English and Psychology: alongside their complementary skillsets there are numerous areas areas of cross-over in content. These students, therefore, see their learning in a new light and bring their insights from one classroom directly into another. For the creatives, plenty of previous PTE students have seen their study of philosophy resonate with and inspire their art or music and vice-versa.


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