At Pate’s, we celebrate and place a high value on the individuality of our students, and on the traits and experiences that make them unique. The Personal Development Curriculum aims to develop student understanding of our differences, and to build skills and confidence in all students so that they feel able to raise issues, question ideas, and reflect on their learning, allowing them to develop as well-rounded young people who can contribute meaningfully to the wider community and go on to lead successful, healthy lives. 

Our Personal Development Curriculum has, at its foundation, a structured programme of lessons that are timetabled for Years 7, 8 and 9. Flexible Learning Days enhance this programme and extend the learning for Year 10 and 11 students. Sixth Form students receive regular information and guidance (IAG) sessions that help to prepare them for life beyond the school.  

Extra-curricular opportunities allow students to discover and showcase their talents through House events that encourage creativity, embrace diversity, and foster support for one another. Activities run by the Outdoor Education Department enable students to problem solve, take calculated risks, develop leadership skills, and work as a team. Tuesday afternoons (TPM) enrich the curriculum further, allowing students to find their voice in public speaking and debating events, develop practical skills such as cooking and ironing, and develop strategies to cope with stress. 

Our curriculum is progressive, relevant and responsive to student needs. There are core strands that run through the programme from Years 7 to 13: relationships and sex education (RSE), mental health and well-being, careers, financial education, drugs and alcohol education, and citizenship. We have the flexibility to augment our programme as new opportunities arise and resources are developed nationally and at a county level. 

We have forged links with outside agencies and businesses to help deliver our curriculum and have benefitted greatly from the generosity of time and experience of parents to ensure the best possible outcomes for every child.


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