A warm welcome from our team – here’s the ‘Who’s Who’!

PPA Chair – Fiona Crouch PAChair@patesgs.org 

PPA Vice Chair – Chloe Murphy PAVice@patesgs.org  

PPA Secretary – Libby Flackett PASecretary@patesgs.org  

PPA Treasurer – Emilie Taylor PATreasurer@patesgs.org  

PPA Media & Comms – Nayana Ghosh PAMedia@patesgs.org

PPA Uniform – Emma Brazier, assisted by Chloe Murphy PAUniform@patesgs.org  

PPA 100 Club – Rachel Webb PA100club@patesgs.org 

PPA Volunteers & Events – Katie Endacott PAVolunteers@patesg.org  

The committee is supported by two members of Pate’s staff: 

Geoff Worth – Assistant Head 

Sarah Cartwright – Development Office 

PPA Minutes 20 February 2024The Pate’s Parents’ Association is led by a committee of eight parents elected at the Annual General Meeting every autumn to keep the PPA on the move.  Pate’s parents are automatically members of the PPA, a registered charity.  Our aim is to do what we can to support the school, particularly at this current time of serious financial uncertainty. This is currently done by contributing to the school’s funding appeal Pate’s Giving to allow us to buy additional resources for the school. In the Summer Term 2023, we were thrilled to announce to parents that we were able to donate £30,000 to School to support and enrich school life for each and every one of our students, and in the Autumn term we have donated £9,500 to School for the construction of an outdoor classroom for learning and reflection, and also harnesses and other equipment for the enhanced climbing wall.

We aim to keep parents well informed of our fundraising activities and try to make it as easy as possible for everyone to participate in meetings, volunteer help, or come and support the many school events which run throughout the year. Details about our activities are sent out via the weekly Events & Notices Bulletin or by email. We enjoy a close relationship with Pate’s parents and encourage anyone with ideas or messages of support to contact us – we’d love to hear from you! 

We welcome parents to attend our committee meetings, which usually take place once every half term in the Training Centre Bungalow next to the OED carpark (to the left of the main green entry gates)The next meeting will take place on Thursday 12th September 2024 at 7 – 8 pm. Please register your interest in attending the meeting to PASecretary@patesgs.org.

Our 2023 AGM took place on Wednesday 8th November. Please click on the buttons below to read the approved 2022 AGM minutes, the Chair’s Report for the academic year 2022-2023, and the Treasurer’s Report for the academic year 2022-2023.

PPA Chair’s Report 2022-23PPA Treasurer’s Report 2022-23PPA 2022 AGM Minutes approvedPPA 2022-2023 AGM Income statement p1 approved PPA 2022-2023 AGM Income Statement p2 approved PPA 2022-2023 AGM Balance Sheet approved

Please click on the buttons below to read approved minutes from previous meetings:

PPA Minutes 17th April 2024PPA Minutes 20 February 2024PPA Minutes 9th January 2024PPA Minutes 8th November 2023PPA Minutes 20th September 2023PPA Minutes 7th June 2023PPA Minutes 18th April 2023PPA Minutes 6th March 2023PPA Chair’s Annual Report 2022PPA Minutes 10th January 2023PPA Minutes 18th October 2022

PPA Minutes 8th September 2022,



In the Autumn Term, the PPA donated £9,500 to support the OED with the construction of an outside classroom and additional climbing equipment for the new climbing wall. The new climbing wall is significantly bigger than the previous one, allowing larger numbers of climbers and instructors to climb at any one time. Climbing Club now operates after school every day, and is a favourite taster activity at Open Days and Induction Days!

With your help and generosity in 2022-23, the PPA fulfilled its fundraising aspirations and were thrilled to make a massive £30,000 donation to the school’s fundraising appeal Pate’s Giving, and pledged to donate all monies raised in the remainder of the 2022-23 academic year to the appeal!

Our donation will be used to support many elements of school life  – here are just a few examples, enabling a broad spectrum of opportunities to enrich students’ cultural capital, just some of which includes: funding provisions for the weekly TPM sessions, providing enrichment activities for Activities Fortnight, welcoming in external speakers, supporting the school House System, Outdoor Educational activities hosted in-school, inclusivity workshops, author visits, and supporting equal opportunities by funding  purchases that benefit the personal development of students from across all subjects, genders and year groups. Our in-house fully funded TPM, Activities Fortnight and House Drama performances are events, unique to Pate’s, that play a key part in the fabulous educational experience enjoyed by all of our children.

A significant proportion of our donation has been raised by the PPA 100 Club fund. Are you able to help us to grow this valuable income stream by becoming a member? Please see the section ‘Join our 100 Club‘ below for contact details.

If you would like to join the PPA in supporting Pate’s Giving and help the appeal reach this year’s goal of £160,000 by contributing either a regular gift or single donation, the school would be very grateful. Please visit the school’s Fundraising page for information on how to give here 

A HUGE thank you for your ongoing support – the PPA would not be able to do this without you!


The money raised through PPA fundraising activities – including refreshments – has played a crucial part in the success of the school’s fundraising campaigns over the years and it continues to directly help Pate’s operate as it always has done. There are many projects around the school which have been supported by the PPA, including the new Science Lab, IT rooms and the Sixth Form Centre, all of which are appreciated by staff and students on a daily basis. 

Volunteer to Help at School and PPA Events 

Volunteering could be as simple as sparing a half hour or so to serve drinks at an event or just by sharing ideas or skills. The refreshment service we provide is a key fundraiser, plus it is a very welcome and popular service to offer parents and guests attending everything from quizzes to concerts. Volunteering at events is a great way to meet other parents and we are always keen to grow our pool of volunteers – we love supporting school events but rely on having enough volunteers to do this, perhaps you can help? Please email PAVolunteers@patesgs.org if you would like to be contacted regarding volunteering opportunities for the future – we’d love to hear from you! 

Nearly New Uniform Shop 

The PPA runs a highly valued Nearly New Uniform Shop situated in a portacabin next to the Cyber Hub and OED. It is open during term time on selected Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings throughout the year, please see dates below.

We will be supporting two new Year 7 student events on:

Thursday 27th June, the shop will be open from 6.30 pm – 8 pm

Wednesday 3rd July, the shop will be open from 2 – 4 pm

Donations of clean, good quality, second-hand uniform and sports equipment are always much appreciated. When the time comes that items have been outgrown, then do consider passing them on to be sold in our shop. Items can be handed into the blue bins marked ‘Uniform Donations’ found in the Student Entrance at school, or you can bring them with you if you visit the shop.  

Shop Online

Shop with Easyfundraising http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/patesgs/ to register and shop with over 2000 well known retailers like Amazon, John Lewis, Argos, M&S, Boden, eBay and many more. Whenever you buy something, the retailer makes a donation to Pate’s Grammar School. You can even save money with special offers and voucher codes!  

You can also raise money for the school simply by using Easysearch instead of Google or any other search engine. We’ve given Pate’s Grammar School, Cheltenham its own search page.  Set it as your homepage, use it every time you search the web, and watch funds to Pate’s mount up – see http://patesgs.easysearch.org.uk 


At any of our fundraising events, online or in person, monies raised can be substantially boosted by employers who can match fund the event as part of their Match Funding scheme. We would be really grateful if you could ask your employer if they are willing to support this. Please click on the link below for further information or email PASecretary@patesgs.org  

Match Funding Scheme Information


The Pate’s 100 Club is a valuable fundraiser and one we hope you will join. There is a monthly draw for £100 with a bonus Super Draw of £1,000 in June! The cost of a share is £5 per month, payable over a twelve month period on the first day of the month. As there is no start or finish date, you can join anytime.

Please click on the buttons below to download the 100 Club Introductory Letter, 100 Club Rules, and 100 Club Application form. We ask that you then please email PA100Club@patesgs.org for information on setting up your standing order.

100 Club Application form 2023100 Club Introductory letter information (updated Jul ’20)100 Club Rules



We will be supporting the following events in the second half of the Summer Term:

New Year 7 Parents, 6:30 pm – 8 pm, Hall

House Drama – Wednesday 10th July 7 pm – 9:15 pm; Thursday 11th July 1 pm – 3.30 pm & 7 pm – 9.30 pm