Pate’s is a CyberFirst Gold School! 

Pate’s Grammar School is celebrating being recognised by National Cyber Security Centre as a CyberFirst Gold School, and were delighted to receive our certificate recently.  Our CyberFirst Gold School status lasts for 3 years before reassessment.

The Scheme is split into three levels, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with schools developing their offering to students as they progress up the levels. Key aspects that the Scheme looks to recognise include:
–  Whole School Strategy for Computer Science/Cyber Security educational development
–  External engagement combined with comprehensive sustained enrichment activity
–  Cross-Curriculum engagement highlighting how Computer Science/Cyber Security knowledge is relevant in other topics
–  Inter-school engagement on Cyber Educational related topics
–  Investment in CPD opportunities for Computer Science Teachers
–  Participation and Promotion of CyberFirst Opportunities to students
–  Engagement and joint work with Computer Science/Cyber Related companies.

These are some of the things we have been able to do through being a CyberFirst school this year:
  –  A Level Computer Science students attended CyNam networking events, impressing industry professionals who will visit Pate’s next year to give talks.
  –  Students participated in work experience at Red Maple Technologies, BAE Systems, and the Bristol Tech Festival.
  –  Year 8 girls take part in the CyberFirst Girls’ Competition and attended Empower Cyber to learn key cybersecurity skills such as code breaking, flying drones, and ethical hacking while exploring various cyber career paths.

We are excited to build on these achievements over the next three years, providing even more opportunities and support for our students and the wider community in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity and digital technology.

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