House Chess 2024 was won by Gloucester (Go Gloucester!) but all the houses did brilliantly, and the competition was exuberantly fierce. House Chess is yet another thing that makes Pate’s Pate’s. Some competitors are true chess aficionados, keen to show what they know and discuss what they don’t. Others are there to try it out, because why not? Even though each is competing for their house (and to some degree for themselves), all players, no matter how skilled, are linked by a shared desire to have fun. And win, obviously.
Nyo, 9G


Middle School House Public Speaking 2024 was a completely unique experience for me. It’s definitely one of the best activities that Pate’s offer to broaden our horizons beyond an academic perspective – especially since public speaking can be such a useful life skill. Initially, I was quite nervous standing up on stage in front of two year groups and to represent Gloucester alongside my two peers however as the presentation went on (and after delivering a few cringey jokes as chair!), I was really enjoying myself. It’s a house event that you have to be quite brave to participate in and I’m glad I did because I feel much more confident speaking in front of people, and I owe it all to this house event. All the houses were brilliant this year: the speeches were captivating and relevant to today’s youth, the questioners were quick-thinking, the chairs were warm and welcoming, and all competitors were mature in their demeanour, and I’m privileged to have been a part of it. It was a close decision this year due to the high standard of presentations but this event beautifully summaries the friendly yet competitive nature of the houses and how it makes me feel as though I belong to a community. 
Pritii, 11G


The Swimming Gala in February is arguably the most daunting sports event for many people but regardless of this the participation was incredible from all Houses, as it is every year. Getting up on the block to race against your friends in front of everyone is always terrifying irrespective of your ability or how many times you do it. One of the most notable contributors in making it feel easier was the hugely supportive and inclusive environment that was sustained throughout the day, no matter what the outcome was of each race. Some of them were so incredibly close to the point of it being impossible to tell who had come first meaning that we were very pleasantly surprised when Beaufort were the overall winners but not shocked as we had entire faith in our House! Unfortunately, we weren’t able to go to the first day of the Swimming Gala due to exam clashes, but enjoyed all the races we saw, including the House Officials Relay (which is performed in random fancy dress – no mean feat in itself!).  The unwavering support from across all year groups and Houses was utterly inspiring; we are absolutely certain that this competition will continue to be a testament for Pate’s dedication, perseverance and House spirit.
Jessica, 13B1


Our House year runs from April to April, allowing the handover to the new Year 12 House Officials to take place before Year 13 go on exam study leave.

Throughout the year, Houses compete in 20 different events, ranging from the 5 main events of Music, Drama, Art, Swimming, and Sports Day, as well as Public Speaking, Bake Off, Dance, Sports, Senior University Challenge, and Junior Maths Challenge for Years 7 and 8!

Always a special date in the school diary, House Spirit Day wraps up the House Officials’ year and celebrates our five Houses’ shared community and achievements. Well done to all the students who took part in House events this year, the final results were very close with just a few points separating fifth to first place.  Thank you to all the Year 13 House Officials and the Heads of House for your hard work throughout the year and…

Congratulations to the Winners of the House Cup 2024, Beaufort House! 

We look forward to another exciting year of House events for 2024-2025.


Read our House Officials’ reflections on 2023-24 below:

Beaufort House

Beaufort’s Head Officials, Abhi and Nat give an overview of this year’s House life:
We started the year with Sports Day which gave us an idea of the highs and the lows of the year to come. We enjoyed supporting the House through a torrential downpour, making the event very memorable! Although we didn’t grab the overall win here, this day was one of our favourite memories as Heads of Beaufort.

Our (surprise) first win came in the form of the Junior Maths Challenge, with which we must thank the younger years for their commitment!  From then, the race was on for House Drama – a collective favourite event for all the House Officials. Countless hours of behind the scenes work brought our piece ‘The Goonies’ to life onstage over the rehearsal period. The final night was electric, all houses having created showstopping performances. We managed to take the win, not only for ‘Best Set’ but also ‘Best Overall Performance’. This was a fitting end to one of our best experiences as House Officials and seeing Beaufort’s House Spirit flourish was something we will never forget!

Over summer, House Music began with the theme of ‘Change’. The event was brilliant for integrating the new Year 7s and Year 12s into Beaufort. As House Music was our first event when we joined in Year 7, it felt like such a privilege to lead it for the next generation of Beaufort! After a talent-filled night York took the win, however we were immensely proud of everyone’s performances!  The next big event was House Art, the theme being ‘Connect’. As a House we emphasised the importance of taking part and encouraged as many entries as possible! After a brilliant start in the preliminary rounds, we created our wonderful display, alongside all the other houses. Taking the overall win in this event was a great reward for all of Beaufort’s hard work towards it!  The crowd favourite,  House Bake Off had its usual high-quality cakes on show, making it an enjoyable event across the school – for teachers and students alike. All the Officials came together to run the cake sale which was a really nice way to celebrate all the Houses achievements so far in the year.  An iconic event was up next with House Dance to bring 2023 to an end. Our theme was ‘Beaufort goes to Broadway’ which we thoroughly enjoyed, having dances from a whole genre of musicals- from ‘Grease’ to ‘The Lion King’. Every year, this event brings the school together, highlighted by our new tradition of a dance with all 60 of the House Officials in the school! The overall win was fully deserved by Richmond, but our hard work was rewarded with ‘Best House Official Dance’ and ‘Best Choreography’!

The new year began with Swimming Gala. After the first round of heats, things weren’t looking too great for Beaufort, leaving us in 4th place before the second week. However, in a surprising turn of events and some brilliant swims from our swimmers we managed to pull off the overall win. Alongside that, we also took the win for the House Official swim tradition- in which we dressed up as Pirates!

A three part event taking place throughout the year was House Public Speaking. In our Junior event – we were extremely proud of our team, taking Best Questioner! Our Middle school team managed to grab ‘Best Speaker’ and we were super proud of our Seniors who won overall!

Our year as House Officials concluded on House Spirit Day – a celebration of all the Officials work throughout the year. After an immensely close year, Beaufort were crowned House Cup Winners! As Heads, our experience of the House System has been unmatched and we were extremely grateful for the opportunity to give back to the House that we have loved being a part of, ever since Year 7. We wouldn’t have changed a single thing about this year and have loved seeing everyone in Beaufort thrive. We would like to thank Mrs Kingscote, our brilliant Head of House for allowing us to inspire Beaufort for years to come.
Abhi & Nat

Gloucester House

Gloucester House has been an integral part of our journey at Pate’s. It has given us a sense of belonging and unity through our peers and a chance to have fun and express our collective talent through the House events. It has been a profound honour to serve as a Gloucester House Office and to help foster this feeling of community and has been an enriching experience. Most prominently, creating Gloucester’s production of Hook! and adapting the movie for the stage through script-writing, design, lighting and composing forced many of us out of our comfort zones, but we will never forget the feeling of immense pride, elation and excitement of seeing the whole performance come to life on stage on the final performance night.

The role has definitely had its challenges; we have learnt from experience to juggle academic responsibilities alongside organising House events, as well as becoming adept at communicating different ideas and collaborating to find the best compromise in our creative decisions. But it goes without saying that we would not trade anything for the experience we have had and amidst the highs and lows, being a Gloucester House Official has offered invaluable experiences and memories that we will cherish forever.
Adel & Annabel

Pembroke House

In all my time at Pate’s, my year as a Head Official has been truly the best experience I could have ever imagined. I have gained valuable skills and have made amazing memories. By far the most challenging times were during House Drama and House Music, never have I been more stressed nor excited for the brilliant performances that emerged from the insanity and chaos. The teamwork shown by all the House Official teams made it even more enjoyable, and reinforced the sense of community and unity shown throughout the school. Being part of this incredibly special, unique House System has been an honour and I cannot wait to see where Pembroke heads next.

When I joined Pate’s at the start of Year 12, I was amazed by how much friendly competition the House System created among students who are gracious in both their wins and losses. From week one, I was thrust into House Music rehearsals, where I was pushed outside of my comfort zone, having not sung since primary, but during this time I made some of my closest friends who have lasted through the entirety of Sixth Form. Fast forward to February and it was already time for us to apply to support the House for the next year of events. To my surprise I became the next Head Official of Pembroke which was the beginning of one of the most fun year’s I’ve had at school.  At the end of Year 9, when I finished my drama, music, and art education, I never thought I would be writing a script, singing for an audience, or picking up a paintbrush, and yet, there I was three years later organising a theatrical production for a cast of over a hundred students. Being a Head Official has pushed me far out of my usual comfort zone, but in doing so it has helped me to become a more rounded individual and has allowed me to make some amazing memories with people both in my House and others.

Richmond House

Being the Heads of House for Richmond over the past year has been such a privilege, and the most amazing experience. Looking back on our whole Sixth Form experience at Pate‘s, some of our best memories have been through leading Richmond House. One of the highlights was definitely House Dance, which was not only loads of fun to participate in, but also a proud victory, as we defended our title as House Dance champions. Of course, kicking our year off as Officials with House Drama was challenging, but it was so rewarding to see everything come together in time for the performances, thanks to everyone‘s hard work both on stage and behind the scenes. Being in a pair meant we could split ourselves, and help whenever we could. What we’ve learnt has been extensive, but the main lesson was the true meaning of leadership: how delegating and being part of a team that truly wants to work together is more important than authority.

The best part, though, has definitely been being part of such a wonderful House Official team – every person has put their all into the House System, and overall it‘s been so inspiring to work as a team and support each other when things have been challenging. Feeling connected to those around you by a common goal and mutual respect has been formative – we‘re really going to miss it!
Marla & Tomasz

York House

Being Head Officials for 2023-24 has been an incredibly rewarding experience and it was such a brilliant way to spend our final year at Pate’s. There were so many great moments throughout the year but the one that stands out was definitely our House Music win after weeks of preparation! We have thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with the rest of the team and Miss Dodds throughout the year as well getting to know our Yorkies. It has been such a wonderful experience and we are so proud of the team for achieving so many wins and doing it for Dodds!
Shriya & Will