There was great excitement following the announcement of the annual House Bake Off competition. It was fantastic to see the number of pupils who wanted to get involved, with some form groups even arranging mini Bake-Off’s to decide who would be representing them.  The tightly contested Signature Bake round saw the three categories produce either cookies, cupcakes or traybakes. The judging panels, made up of enthusiastic teachers, really struggled to decide on the top 5 for each category. However, those bakers who were selected were then tasked with baking an extravaganza for their Showstopper! For the Juniors (Y7-9) is was a decorated sponge cake inspired by a movie; for the Intermediates (Y10-11) it was a Fantasy Cake; and for the Seniors (Y12-13) it was a triple layered Celebration cake. 

If the judges thought the Signature Bake round was hard to judge it was nothing compared to trying to decide on final winners! After a great deal of deliberation, the final winners were decided and announced in a whole school assembly: 

Junior Champion – Etti Burch, Y9 of Pembroke House 

Intermediate Champion – Carys Collier, Y10 of Richmond House 

Senior Champion –Anna Bowman, Y12 of York House 

All received recipe books and rounds of applause!  Many congratulations to everyone who participated and in particular, our Champions.