We are very proud of our House system at Pate’s, which serves as the backbone of supporting one another and creating a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities for our students to enjoy alongside their academic studies. Everyone belongs to the House system at Pate’s, and it is something both staff and pupils are incredibly proud to be a part of. 

The House system consists of 5 Houses: Beaufort, Gloucester, Pembroke, Richmond, and York. Every pupil in Pate’s, from Year 7 to 13, is assigned to a House when they first join the school and this becomes a key feature of their time at Pate’s, as well as the means through which students are inducted into life at Pate’s. The House system becomes yet another support network for students at Pate’s, allowing healthy relationships and friendship bonds to form across the year groups, and is something which we are incredibly proud of.  

The House System also enables our pupils to work dynamically across a range of disciplines as it offers extra-curricular opportunities to every pupil in school, regardless of experience or ability. There are a wide range of House events for pupils to take part in from the annual Swimming Gala to House Art, House Drama to House Chess, and House Public Speaking to House Music; not to mention the many events in-between. Whatever the event, the House System fosters a culture of team spirit, healthy competition, and comradery that inter-links all year groups.  

Each House is led by an inspiring member of staff, named a Head of House, who leads a group of 12 Sixth Form House Officials to help organise and run events. These Sixth Form positions create opportunities for exceptional development of their leadership skills.