We hugely value our House system at Pate’s; it serves as the backbone of supporting one another and creating a wide variety of co-curricular opportunities for our students to enjoy alongside their academic studies. Everyone belongs to a House at Pate’s, and it is something both staff and pupils take great pride in. 

Our House system consists of 5 Houses: Beaufort, Gloucester, Pembroke, Richmond, and York. Every pupil in Pate’s, from Year 7 to 13, is assigned to a House when they first join the school and remain a member of that House throughout their time here.  The House is also the basis upon which students are inducted into life at Pate’s.

Each House is led by a Head of House (staff member), who leads a group of 12 Sixth Form House Officials to help organise and run events.  These Sixth Form positions create opportunities for developing excellent leadership skills. 

The House provides yet another support network for our students, promoting strong relationships and friendship bonds to form across the year groups.  Senior House members are excellent role models for younger students, leading and supporting them throughout the year in House activities and events.  

In their Houses, every student is able to get involved in House extra-curricular competitions, regardless of experience or ability. Annual House events span our Swimming Gala to House Art, House Drama to House Chess, and House Public Speaking to House Music, not to mention the many events in-between. Whatever the event, the House System fosters a culture of team spirit, healthy competition, and comradery that inter-links all year groups.  

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Introducing our House Official teams for 2024-2025! The process of being selected as an Official includes their initial application, interviews with the Head of House, votes from fellow Year 12 peers, a hustings to Houses during assemblies, and feedback from staff. The number of applicants for each House shows how popular House life is at Pate’s, enabling senior students to develop their leadership skills and work hard to lead their House to House Cup victory! 

These groups of leaders will work together over the next year on the various House events, including writing scripts for House Drama, leading rehearsals for House Music, organising teams for House Public Speaking, and building strong relationships with their Houses. We all wish each House’s Officials the best of luck over this year and thank them for all their hard work.

Gloucester HOs
York HOs