Volunteer to Help at School and PPA Events

Volunteering could be as simple as sparing a half hour or so to serve drinks at an event or just by sharing ideas or skills. The refreshment service we provide at school and PPA events is a key fundraiser plus it is a popular service for parents and guests attending everything from plays to concerts. The service eats up manpower and we are always keen to grow our pool of volunteers - maybe you could help?

We want to make it as easy as possible to volunteer, so we use an efficient and seriously straightforward online system called Doodle to schedule the volunteering. Firstly though, we need to know if we can call on you for help and that we have your correct email address so until Friday 5th November 2021 there will be a consent option on your child's School Gateway account asking you to consent to receiving emails from us to help at forthcoming events. Simply go to the Payment section on your child's School Gateway account and click on Pate's Parents' Association Volunteer Consent; consent 'Yes' and please enter your email address into the Comment box - don't forget to checkout for this cashless transaction to enable your details to be recorded. After this date please contact PAVolunteers@patesgs.org to have your email address added to our database. We will put you on the mailing list – if you can’t help out at a specific event it doesn’t matter – it’s just good to know you’re there and willing to help us! Thank you in anticipation of your support.