Exam Information

Please find below all of the information for the forthcoming 2020 Exams. Any concerns or questions please don't hesitate to contact the exams office

Results and Appeal Information Summer 2020

Summer 2020 Results and Appeals Information for Students

Exams Information Booklet

Pate's Student Information Booklet 2019-20

Internal Exam Timetables

Y10 Timetable 2020 Y11 Timetable 2020 Year 12 Timetable Y13 Timetable 2020

External Exam Timetables

GCSE Timetable Provisional GCE Timetable Provisional

JCQ Information for Candidates

JCQ Social Media Information for candidates - Coursework Information for candidates - NEA Information for candidates - Privacy Notice Information for candidates - Written Exams Warning to Candidates No Mobile Phones