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Pate’s Grammar School Exam Information Booklet

Pate's Student Information Booklet 2021-2022 Internal Appeals Procedures 2021-2022


GCSE and A level Results Information

Please note that the Exams office will be open on the following dates:

Thursday 18th August -                   8.30am – 1.00pm

Friday 19th August -                         9.00am – 1.00pm

Wednesday 24th August -              9.00am – 1.00pm

Thursday 25th August -                   9.00am - 1.00pm

If you need to contact us outside these hours, please email us at exams@patesgs.org and we will respond to urgent emails when possible.

Post-Results Information

A Level Post-Results Information A Level Post-Results Fees and Deadlines GCSE Post-Results Information GCSE Post-Results Fees and Deadlines

Please click on here for the online Post-Results Requests form : https://linktr.ee/examsatpates

Internal Exam Timetables

Y7-9 internal timetable – June 2022 Y10 internal timetable - April 2022 v4 Y11 mock timetable - January 2022 Y12 internal timetable – June 2022 Y13 mock timetable - January 2022


External Exam Timetables

GCSE Summer 2022 A Level Summer 2022

JCQ Information for Candidates

JCQ Social Media Information for candidates – Coursework assessments Information for candidates – Non examination assessments Information for candidates - Privacy Notice Information for candidates – Written examinations Information for candidates – On-screen tests Warning to Candidates Unauthorised Items poster 2022


Exam Board Codes

A Level Entry Codes 2021-2022 Year 11 GCSE Entry Codes 2021-2022