Head’s Weekly Message – Friday 17 May 2019


  • Back2School Day for parents – Mon 1st July!
  • Professor Winston lecture and links to Genesis Research Trust
  • Winter Sports Team photos now available to browse and buy online
  • Calendar and Trips Update

Exams have officially begun this week and students have conducted themselves brilliantly.  Summer House matches are getting underway, and yesterday our French Exchange students set off for Annecy.  House Drama auditions have been taking place and we will soon be looking ahead to the excitement of the final weeks of term.

Our special end of term event for courageous parents is the Parents’ Association Back2School day on Monday 1st July and tickets are selling rapidly. If you wish to reserve your space to have a full-on five-lesson day at Pate’s including History with me J, English with Mr Allinson and school lunch in the refectory, please email paback2school@patesgs.org. It is first come first served. The timetable is still coming together, but we are hopeful that we can also include Science with Mr Worth, a language lesson, (maybe Chinese), choir lunch time club and something sporty (not too energetic though!).  Tickets are £50 per person. Thank you.

Professor Winston:  I would like to include once again the link to Professor Winston’s lecture, which took place at Pate’s last week – Why Bother with Science? (here)Please follow this link for further information about his Genesis Research Trust and their donations page (here).

Winter Sports Team Photos

The sports team photos are now available to browse and purchase on line. They look fantastic so please do take a look.  Please follow this link to the website, and use the password PATESTEAMS19


  • 27th May – HALF TERM
  • Mon 3rd June – SCHOOL RESTARTS
  • 10-12 June incl. – Y7 & Y8 exams
  • 10-13 June incl. – Y9 exams
  • 10-21 June incl. – Y12 study leave & exams
  • Thurs 13 June – Y7 trip to Drayon Manor
  • 13-15 June incl. – 8B & 8G summer camp
  • 16-18 June incl. – 8P & 8R summer camp
  • 19-21 June incl. – 8Y summer camp
  • 13-15th May 2019 – Yr10 North Wales Geography Trip
  • 15th May 2019 – Yr 8 English Trip to Malvern Theatre 1pm – 6.00pm – 145 pupils
  • 16-22nd May 2019 – Yr9/10 Annecy Exchange to Annecy – 17 pupils – All Day
  • 17th May 2019 – Yr10 Business Studies Trip to Thorpe Park – 46 pupils – All Day
  • 17th May 2019 – Yr10  Women in Medicine Biology Trip – 10 pupils – All Day
  • 20th – 24th May 2019 – Yr8 German Trip – 47 pupils



Russel Ellicott
Head Master