All Governor terms of office are 4 years:

Foundation Governors:

Mr Warwick Ainsworth-Parker – Appointed 25.01.18

Mrs Gayathiri Gowri Shankar – Appointed 28.01.21

Ms Fiona Johnston – Appointed 28.01.21

Mr Graeme May – Appointed 09.10.17

Corpus Christi College Governors:

Dr Nigel Bowles – Appointed 28.01.19 – Resigned 02.04.20

Ms Laura Ralph – Appointed 03.04.19

Parent Governors:

Mrs Jenny Dye – Appointed 08.03.18

Mr Ray Fish – Appointed 28.03.17 – Resigned 27.03.21

Mrs Rebecca Flaxman (Chair from 26.09.18) – Appointed 08.03.18

Mrs Carolyn Hopper (Vice Chair from 24.09.19) – Appointed 04.12.18

Staff Governors:

Mr Russel Ellicott (Headmaster & Accounting Officer)

Mr Robert Morton – Appointed 01.12.18

Mrs Catherine Smith – Appointed 01.12.18 – Resigned 15.01.21

Mrs Miriam Wright – Appointed 20.01.20

Co-Opted Governors:

Mr Bryan Stiles – Appointed 29.09.20

Members (other than those listed above):

Wallace Ascham – Appointed 08.09.10

Guy Bradshaw – Appointed 08.09.10

John Clarke – Appointed 28.06.18

Rebecca Flaxman – Appointed 26.09.18

Carolyn Hopper – Appointed 24.09.19

Paul Kenmir – Appointed 25.07.18

John Parker – Appointed 08.09.10

Register of Governors’ Business Interests

Warwick Ainsworth-Parker – Employee of Intrado (US Technology Company)

Carolyn Hopper – Spouse employed by Lloyds Banking Group

Graeme May – Governor at Wycliffe College, Stonehouse

Laura Ralph – Close relative employed at Hazlewoods (Audit Department)

Bryan Stiles – Director of Queensway Leadership Development Limited: training and coaching work Peer to Peer Facilitation and Mentoring through GFirst LEP

Miriam Wright – Company Director in Preloved of Cheltenham LLP; Husband, Mr Paul Andrew Wright – Company Director of Exertus Consulting Ltd

Additional key information relating to Governance at Pate’s can be found by clicking here

“The governing body is highly effective. Governors are very involved in the life of the school
and use their wide-ranging skills to provide outstanding support.” (Ofsted)