Psychology will be a new subject for the majority of individuals joining us in Year 12. Over the course of the first few months, we want students to have dispelled the myths associated with the subject and have a good understanding of the basics of the scientific discipline by the end of the year. We start by taking a journey into psychology’s past to begin building the foundations that underpin current psychological theory.  This leads on to the discovery of new topics such as memory, social influence and mental illness. 

Those students choosing to study Psychology at A Level follow the AQA specification which is broken down into introductory topics, psychology in context and issues in psychology. At the outset of the course, we ask difficult questions, for example, “what is more important in determining behaviour: nature or nurture?” The topics that follow provide the opportunity to answer such questions in detail. The teaching is structured to ensure that previous topics are constantly revisited and applied to novel contexts in order to accelerate the progress of student learning and interest. Some of Psychology’s content overlaps with subjects such as Biology and Maths, in the sense that we explore human behaviour on a biochemical, genetic and neural basis along with statistical analysis of data. 

Studying Psychology allows students to develop a real world understanding of human behaviour and will provide practical life skills such as critical thinking, respect of others and an ability to learn from their mistakes. The sequencing of lessons in Psychology helps students to remember the key content by actively teaching effective revision techniques, revisiting core skills such as evaluation and reapplying previously learnt content to new scenarios. We go beyond the exam syllabus in Psychology by using the most up-to-date, relevant research and current societal events to enhance understanding and develop skills valued by higher education, including critical analysis, independent thinking and research. In doing so, students begin to recognise how broad the discipline is and how wide its application stretches. Year 12 Psychology Curriculum Year 13 Psychology Curriculum