The PE curriculum allows all students to thrive through a challenging, supportive and varied learning journey. The curriculum develops in a way which takes account of all prior learning and involves more complexity through the years. As students progress through Key Stage 3, they are strategically introduced to more activities and are given an increasing amount of choice, for example, all Year 7 students complete a scheme of work called ‘game skills’. This introduces fundamental skills and principles of different types of games after which they begin to experience and specialise in many sports. Lesson structure and content is built around the principles of the Pate’s Learner Framework, with assessment strands covering Techniques and Skills, Knowledge and Understanding and Fitness. The curriculum is supported by an outstanding level of extra-curricular provision, allowing students to develop the multitude of benefits competitive sport offers. In addition to a thriving set of House Sport competitions, team practices occur at lunchtime and after school with many midweek and Saturday fixtures against both state and independent schools.  

During Key Stage 4, a pleasing number of students opt to study AQA GCSE PE. The Pate’s curriculum up to this point, and during this time, supports students with the theoretical, practical and coursework elements of the course. The two papers are taught separately by two content specialist teachers to ensure the highest quality of learning. The frequency, quantity and timings of assessments (including coursework) are carefully considered to work alongside students’ workloads. The core PE and Games curriculum continues for all students, with increased choice and individual responsibility for learning.   

By the time they reach the Sixth Form, students have the opportunity to study A Level PE, assessed through OCR. Studying GCSE PE is beneficial but not essential for this course, which is delivered by three members of staff, each delivering their area of expertise to the one group. In addition to A Level PE, all Year 12 students take part in one Games lesson per week. Many Year 13 students also opt for this offer. This continues the development of the curriculum as there is now a completely free choice of a wide range of activities, including some seen for the first time within the curriculum.

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