Spring House Events 2021-2022

Swimming Gala 2022

House Swimming Gala was back with a splash! Competed over two consecutive Tuesdays, 8th and 15th February. The structure of the gala involves two students per house competing in different strokes (back, breast, butterfly, freestyle and medley), with two five person heats and competitors swimming as fast as possible to post a time. The best six times advanced into a final later in the day with the chance of gaining more points for their house.

Swimming gala is competed in four categories: Minor (Y7), Junior (Y8-9), Intermediate (Y10-11) and Senior (Y12-13) all competing to collectively earn points to win the swimming gala shield. Gala 2 is the stage for the much-anticipated House Official fancy dress Race! This year we saw officials sporting Pyjamas to Superheroes and all in between!

We would like to congratulate the following students for their outstanding performance within their individual categories. These competitors received awards in whole school assembly.

  Boys Girls
Minors (Yr 7) Rudra Thakkar 7B  & Oliver Mitchell 7Y Molly Moseley-Maltby 7Y
Juniors (Yrs 8 & 9) George Pearson 9R Amy Jones 8G
Inters (Yrs 10 & 11) Jack Brown 10R Miriam Palmer 10P
Seniors (Yrs 12 & 13) Ethan Courts 12P Eleanor Howlett 13Y

The entire event was fiercely yet fairly contested, with who represented doing so with excellent house spirit. The final standings after all the races and points counted was;

5th        Pembroke House                                 289 points

4th        York House                                          291 points

3rd        Beaufort House                                   323 points

2nd       Gloucester House                                328 points

1st        Richmond House                                330 points

Well done to all of the competitors that put themselves forward to represent their house this year.

Middle School House Public Speaking Competition – 5th April 2022

Our Year 10 and Year 11 audience listened intently throughout, as each House displayed the best of their public speaking talent.  Ryan Kannikkatt opened the competition on behalf of Richmond, introducing Yachna Dhir ‘s speech for Gloucester: “This House believes the UK should abolish university fees”.  Questioner Tamsin Hearfield skilfully explored ways in which the government might take action on this.  Next up was Beaufort’s Abhi Mohan, who introduced Pembroke’s speaker, Sheldon Narayna, who had stepped in last-minute to deliver Sofiia Furman’s speech entitled: “Social media has changed the face of terrorism and how we must fight it”.  Sofiia’s speech highlighted the work of the charity, The Helping Hand, which uses social media in the first against terrorist recruiters.  Sheldon fielded Tara Nimmoneser’s insightful questions as well as if he had actually written the speech himself.  York’s Chair, Gabriel Carter, performed superbly, standing in for Lucy Holdsworth, introducing Beaufort’s George Jones’s hard-hitting and confident speech “Why the concept of forgiveness is fundamentally flawed”.  Shriya Shetty’s questioning explored George’s belief that we shouldn’t ‘forgive and forget’, but should take responsibility for our actions, and she teased out some of the issues around prison reform.  Pembroke’s Natalie Wang showed great composure and maturity, introducing Joseph Layton-Smith and his speech entitled: “Esperanto should be taught as a preliminary to modern European languages in primary schools”.  Joseph spoke with great authority when questioned by Jamie Burrell, and was ultimately awarded ‘Best Speaker’.  ‘Best Chair’ was awarded to Gloucester’s Adel Basheer, who was the perfect host, assured and immaculately presented at all times.  He introduced York’s Speaker, Esme Eagle Davis, with her speech “This House believes that all girls should have equal opportunities for education”.  Esme’s facts and figures were thoughtfully explored by Kate Coldwell, who was awarded ‘Best Questioner’.  All the speeches were enlightening and gave fascinating insights into their subjects; questioning was thoughtful and provocative, and the whole event was choreographed with charm and professionalism by the five Chairs throughout.  Congratulations to overall winners – GLOUCESTER: Adel Basheer, Kate Coldwell and Yachna Dhir.  Thanks to judges Mr Nicholas and Ms Cluer for taking on such a difficult task, and to Ms Reid for organising this superb event.  A special thank you to the House Officials who auditioned, encouraged and mentored their teams as they prepared for the competition, and cheered them on when the time came – just brilliant.  Mrs Shelmerdine

The final results were as follows:

Best Chair: Adel Bashir (Gloucester)

Best Speaker: Joseph Layton-Smith (Richmond)

Title of Speech: “Esperanto should be taught as a preliminary to modern European languages in primary schools”

Best Questioner: Kate Coldwell (Gloucester)

Winning House: GLOUCESTER

Overall Order:  1st: Gloucester, 2nd: Richmond, 3rd: York, 4th: Beaufort, 5th: Pembroke


House Chess

House Chess was played across 4 lunchtimes, with years 8-10 and years 11-13 battling it out to be the Grand Chess Master. Games were played with intimidation, glory and quiet determination. There were tears of both laughter and loss as games were won in 3 moves, while others went on for well over the lunch hour. As always, this is a great opportunity for students to gain points for their House showcasing the variety of talent we have at Pate's. The results were tight at the top, but our joint champions were Beaufort and Pembroke, 2nd York, 3rd Gloucester and 4th Richmond. Well played all.