It is our vision to develop a culture of diversity and inclusion within the school where all students feel fully accepted as individuals and are able to participate fully in Pate's life. We are committed to removing barriers to learning and ensuring access for all pupils; all pupils with special educational needs or disabilities (SEND) are valued and respected members of the school.

As a selective grammar school, Pate's has only a few pupils who, according to the Code of Practice are  deemed to have special educational needs (SEN). Nevertheless, some pupils have specific learning difficulties, communication and interaction difficulties, social, emotional or mental health difficulties, a disability, or medical condition which can affect learning. As a school we are committed to supporting all students to achieve their full potential and the principles of inclusion of SEND students will be applied to all students needing additional help and support even if only for a short length of time.

Details of Pate's SEND School Offer can be found by clicking here

Details of Gloucestershire’s SEND Offer can be found here

For further information about how we support SEND pupils at Pate's, please contact Jane Elcome at

"At Pate's it is more than a catchphrase, I really can "be the me I choose to be" - everybody accepts and values me for who I am" (Pupil)