House System

Overseen by staff but led and driven by a team of Sixth Form House Officials, the house system at Pate's plays a key and important role in the daily life of the school.

Each tutor group is assigned to a house (Beaufort, Gloucester, Pembroke, Richmond or York), creating five extended families of students. Students in years 11 and 13 are appointed as mentors for pupils lower down the school, providing new and younger pupils with an invaluable support network as they settle in.  Each form group takes it in turns to organise and present a weekly house assembly and students of all ages are encouraged to take on a leadership role and assist in the running of their house, either as a Form Rep, Year 11 Mentor or Year 13 House Official.

The house system additionally provides the opportunity for students to participate in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. Each year over twenty inter-house competitions are staged with a focus on participation in an atmosphere of friendly competition and a  House Cup is awarded annually. Individual House Colours are also awarded to lower and middle school pupils in recognition of significant contributions to house life. 6th Form students who make the equivalent outstanding contributions are awarded House Ties.

Each week house assemblies are led by students, based on the three core areas of the school's 2025 vision.

The House system would like to introduce the House Official teams for 2022-2023. The process of being selected as an official incorporates various different aspects from their initial application, interviews with their Head of House, votes from their fellow year 12 peers, a hustings to their Houses during assemblies and feedback from staff. The number of applicants for each House showed how popular the House system is at Pate’s as an opportunity for pupils to develop their leadership skills and work hard to lead their House to winning the House cup! These groups of leaders will work together over the next year on the various House events including writing scripts for House drama, leading rehearsals for House music, organising public speaking teams and building strong relationships with their Houses. We all wish each set of 12 officials all the luck over this year and thank them for all their hard work.

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"The house system at Pate's is what makes the school special. Having come from another local school, I was amazed when I joined at just how strong the house system is. It is truly like belonging to another fantastic family, a Pate's student will do anything for their house!" (Year 12 Pupil)