Autumn House Events 2021-2022

The House System Welcomes Year 7s!

As part of Year 7 induction, the five houses were then split across two days of activities, run by our excellent OED (Outdoor Education Department) staff, who conducted bush craft workshops, a climbing wall experience, rifle shooting and team building tasks. Students were also able to participate in activities such archery, facilitated by our wonderful external coaches and instructors. Thanks to our OED staff and the external instructors Pate's playing fields were transformed into an outdoor adventure centre. All the days were a complete success, and we hope that it gave our new students a first week at Pate’s to remember. Here is to many more to come!

House Music 2021

It was a great pleasure to see the return of in-person House Music this year, the corridors of the school echoing the sounds of singing and playing once again.  Although each house had smaller forces to work with, as years 9-11 could only support and cheer this year, all produced finessed performances of great energy and style.  Our theme was international citizenship, and students were invited to explore the languages and musical traditions of musicians from around the world, a task the house officials went above and beyond to use in informing their programmes.

It was wonderful to see so many of our new and returning students pick up on this great Pate's tradition of celebrating a diverse array of music; this is something our two adjudicators Daisy Houlder, a Patesian who now works in the music industry, and past member of the music department Sam Hau have experienced before. They both remarked on the standard of this year's performances, and greatly enjoyed the quality and diversity of music on show.

It was a great way to commence this year's extra-curricular music, with so many students now involved in school music.

The results were:

Best Boys Choir: Pembroke

Best Girls Choir: Beaufort

Best Orchestra: Gloucester

Best Arrangement: York

Best Interpretation of the Theme: Richmond


Overall Winners: Beaufort


House Bake Off 2021

There was great excitement following the announcement that the Bake Off is Back! It was fantastic to see the number of pupils who wanted to get involved, with some form groups even arranging mini Bake-Off’s to decide who would be representing them.  The tightly contested Signature Bake round saw the three categories produce either cookies, cupcakes or traybakes. The judging panels, made up of enthusiastic teachers, really struggled to decide on the top 5 for each category. However, those bakers who were selected were then tasked with baking an extravaganza for their Showstopper! For the Juniors (Y7-8) is was a Christmas decorated sponge cake; for the Intermediates (Y9-11) it was a Fantasy Cake; and for the Seniors (Y12-13) it was a triple layered Celebration cake.

If the judges thought the Signature Bake round was hard to judge it was nothing compared to trying to decide on final winners! After a great deal of deliberation, the final winners were decided and announced in a virtual whole school assembly:

Junior Champion - Charlie Nash, Y7 of Beaufort House

Intermediate Champion - Kayla Markos, Y9 of Richmond House

Senior Champion - Lizzie Dutton, Y12 of Gloucester House

All received personalised Bake Off aprons and rounds of applause!  Many congratulations to everyone who participated and in particular, our Champions. The final results were:

Joint 1st - Beaufort and Richmond

2nd - Pembroke

3rd - Gloucester

4th - York.


House Public Speaking 2021

Standards were high in Senior House Public Speaking 2021, and judges had the unenviable task of choosing between a number of outstanding individual performances.  Competitors spoke eloquently and knowledgably, but Richmond were unbeatable once again, with incredibly polished performances from Jannah Hameed, who won Best Speaker, and Arywen Morris, who won Best Chair.  Worthy winners Richmond were awarded the Roland Helps and James Collier Memorial Trophy.   John Li was the shrewd and deserving winner of Best Questioner.  Thanks to judges, Mr Allinson and Mr Nicholas, and to Ms Reid for organising the competition.  The final results were as follows:

Best Chair: Arywen Morris (Richmond)

Best Speaker: Jannah Hameed (Richmond)

Title of Speech: “This House Believes in wiping the lipstick off supremacy”

Best Questioner: John Li (Pembroke)

Winning House: Richmond

Overall Order:  1st: Richmond, 2nd: Gloucester, 3rd: Pembroke, 4th: York, 5th: Beaufort


House Dance

After a year's hiatus, it was with huge excitement that the Heads of House announced the return of House Dance. House Dance shows off Pate's at it's finest; there is immense skill and talent, while also showing collaboration, fun and a sprinkling of nonsense. Solo performances, small groups, and whole forms put on an astounding show representing their House. Each House also culminated in a full House dance which showed off the family spirit of the House System at Pate's. We saw performances in ballet, tap, modern and Bollywood dancing and the year 7 audience cheered on with excitement. We are so looking forward to House Dance again next year.

House Art


Never is there a more exciting time to visit Pate’s Art Gallery than in November, when an exhibition of student work showcases what a broad and exciting array of approaches there are to making art. This exhibition is the culmination of the House Art competition, a month long competition where students are given a set theme to creatively interpret and respond to, working in a media of their choice, whether that be drawing, sculpture, print, painting, craft, photography or digital.  Individual and form entries are curated into a group House exhibition that is presented by the House Officials.  There is always a buzz around the opening of the exhibition, with students visiting during break and lunchtimes, casting their vote for their favourite entry.  Here are some photos from this 2021’s competition and some of the winning entries, responding to the theme ‘Beyond’.