Our school exists to nurture excellence throughout our community.  We provide rich opportunities for all in our school to explore their potential in a happy, vibrant and caring environment.  We expect students to become independent thinkers who embrace challenge and are supportive of others, and to leave us with exceptional outcomes and the intellectual skills and emotional maturity to shape their own futures and thrive beyond Pate’s.


We believe in nurturing intellectual curiosity through a rich and ambitious curriculum and co-curriculum that challenges our students to think creatively, demonstrate resilience, and be resourceful. We expect staff to be enthusiastic and open-minded, working together to explore the most innovative ways to inspire highly able students.


We believe that a culture of mutual respect, empathy and collaboration best supports learning. We educate our students in an environment where everyone is included and treated with kindness and respect, and where students are encouraged to consider different points of view, to look out for one another and help in times of need.


We believe in supporting our staff and students to develop as leaders, to demonstrate vision, and to think innovatively in the knowledge that they can make a difference. We remain at the forefront of educational practice, influencing thinking and sharing what we learn with others. We believe in the importance of partnerships and community, supporting students to achieve their full potential, regardless of socioeconomic background.