At Pate’s we are committed to nurturing excellence in every aspect of school life. It is our passionately held belief that the ‘Pate’s way’ is the nexus that  connects staff, students and the wider community, creating a happy environment in which all can flourish.


We are aspirational learners who combine innovation with academic rigour as the precursor to exceptional achievement; our mission is underpinned by a broad  and balanced curriculum that provides opportunities for all. 

We lead on educational excellence, building a culture of research based learning for teachers and students that promotes knowledge, understanding and  subject mastery. 

We believe that strong critical thinking, metacognition and problem solving distinguish our students. These key skills are embedded in the Pate’s Learning  Framework and Toolkit, and central to all we do. 

A culture of intellectual curiosity, honest reflection and creativity inspires our learning, both in the classroom and through the opportunities for extracurricular and  super-curricular activities. 

We take risks in order to achieve the best outcomes, fostered by a culture of independence and mutual support. We never allow initial failure to put a cap on  ambition; instead we view learning as a lifelong process that involves resilience, risk, reward and failure. 


Wellbeing is at the heart of all we do. We are known as a happy and caring school that celebrates diversity and provides robust pastoral care systems for staff  and students. 

There are plentiful opportunities beyond the classroom that enrich our lives and enhance our wider talents – our community promotes both academic excellence  and personal fulfilment. 

We are known as individuals and supported to achieve our full potential. Individuals know how and when to ask for help and we recognise in each other the signs  of needing support. 

We own a shared vision and values, although our sense of autonomy and individuality are recognised as key characteristics.

Recognition and respect for us all as individuals is fundamental: we all model positive behaviour and celebrate the diversity of our community. 


We are known for leading innovation and moving education forward, through research based practice and through the leadership of local, regional and national  learning communities.  

At Pate’s, we create leaders with a global perspective. They have a secure moral compass and a commitment to work actively to reduce our impact on the planet,  both individually and as a community.  

We contribute to our community, take charge of the future and broaden horizons and educational opportunity for all through a programme of targeted  outreach and growing links with both businesses and community groups.  

All are supported to realise and believe that there are no limits for personal success, whether through outstanding Higher Education preparation and guidance or  gold standard CPD for staff. Strong succession planning ensures the highest calibre of staff to support students, therefore ensuring we are seen as a school of  choice for students and staff alike. 

Our work in all of the above areas is underpinned by an ongoing, proactive and innovative approach to ensuring financial sustainability.