Making £nds Meet

Why support Pate's

It is a sad fact that government funding for Pate's, and many other schools across the country, has been decreasing year on year. We now face such extreme revenue pressures that we have no alternative but to direct our fundraising efforts to help the 'revenue pot', rather than to purchase additional resources.

Making £nds Meet was launched in April 2015 to meet our ongoing shortfalls in our funding, rather than putting in place savage cuts. So far we have set five targets and thanks to our amazing community have successfully achieved all five goals! Revenue pressures are still significant but we will continue to do all we can to ensure that the education we offer our students does not get impacted by woefully poor levels of funding.

Once again, this year’s shortfall is calculated to be £500,000. Although an alarming figure, we are fortunate to have the support of the Pate’s Foundation; the trustees have kindly agreed to a donation of £300,000 this year but we still need to raise a further £200,000 this academic year to fill the funding gap.

The success of Goal 18/19 means that we have a great head start with over £30,000 towards our new target but we are going to need your help to reach our 19/20 Goal!

Please continue to support Making £nds Meet, or if you haven’t already done so please consider joining our amazing supporters today. Click on Donate Here to download a donation form or donate online. Thank you; the more that our community gets involved, the more we can do for our students.

2019-2020 Donors 04.06.20

Thank you to each and everyone; you are all making a massive difference!

We would also like to offer our huge thanks to the governors, parents, alumni, relatives, former parents, grandparents and staff for their support of Making £nds Meet, helping us to achieve all five Goals since 2015. Please click each Goal below for the respective list of supporters.

In addition we would like to thank the fantastic support we have received from:

  • Our tireless Parents' Association, through their refreshments service, raffles, events, endless creative ideas and their 100 Club
  • Those who shop through the Easy Fundraising portal
  • The Pate's Society (our alumni organisation)
  • The Diwali Celebrations
  • Those who have made an optional donation when purchasing a ticket for a school event through TicketSource
  • Those who made a donation in return for refreshments
  • Those who donated refunds from trips or exam fees
  • Our visiting Japanese students who gave us a 'thank you' donation
  • Thomas Legal Group
  • House Sponsors - James Barry, Harrison Clark Rickerbys, Matriks, Richmond Villages and Hazlewoods


If you have any complaints about how we run our fundraising appeal, please contact the Bursar, Stephen Locke here or telephone 01242 538252

"I am continually overwhelmed by, and incredibly grateful for the generosity of the Pate's community. My heartfelt thanks extend to everyone who has supported the school." (Head Master)