Parlez-vous français?

While continuing your study of the French language and developing your language skills on this course, you will gain insight into the history, culture and social issues facing French speaking countries today. The first year of the course concentrates on topics which link to and stretch beyond subjects covered at GCSE, whilst in the second year you will discuss and debate more controversial social and political issues. The exciting, revised specifications provide the super opportunity to enjoy and discover French film and selective, engaging and accessible French texts in both Y12 and Y13.

With a chance to develop not only communication and comprehension skills, but also to hone translation from and into French, this course is designed to nurture multiple language skills. The 1st year will not be externally assessed, and we thoroughly recommend that students consider a language for breadth and towards career prospects in our global, multilingual society. A level components are both assessed at the end of the two years and there is a substantial oral component in the exam. You will access regular conversation lessons with our French Foreign Language Assistant to improve your fluency, whilst gaining up-to-date insights into current affairs. Furthermore, we set out to offer the opportunity to take part in Work Experience to improve your French further and immerse yourself in French language and culture during Y12. It can be an invaluable way of increasing language skills as well as building up personal contacts and real experience of French life.


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