Drama & Theatre Studies


There is a full Theatre Studies A Level running at Pate’s, with classes in both Year 13 and Year 12. Theatre Studies lessons are run as practical, skills-building classes, similar to those delivered at professional performing arts schools. We reinforce earlier studies of theatre practitioners and introduce new ones such as Stanislavski, Artaud, Brecht, Frantic Assembly, Kneehigh, Punchdrunk, DV8, Edward Gordon Craig and Jacques LeCoq (the list continues!). We also analyse and appreciate plays from a variety of periods and styles, exploring theatre from the perspective of an actor, a director, a designer and a member of the audience.

Assessment takes the form of practical exams, written/oral coursework and a written exam. Students prepare a text interpretation in the style of a practitioner, a devised piece and a performance of a published play text. Alongside this they prepare a creative log (written or video blog) justifying their choices and evaluating their work. At the end of the course students sit an exam where they are asked to analyse and prepare production concepts for three texts including Hedda Gabler, Chimerica and Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time.

We aim to visit professional theatres to see live performances to facilitate the development of the ability to respond knowledgeably and critically to a variety of productions. Students also have the opportunity to experience workshops from renowned theatre companies and practitioners such as Splendid Theatre Company.

Students are welcomed to explore whatever discipline they are passionate about whether that be lighting design, costume design or acting! Ultimately, the A Level course is designed to challenge students to take risks, develop their confidence and to nurture their love of the performing arts.


If you have any questions please contact Head of Department grace.burnett@patesgs.org


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