Tuesday Afternoon Enrichment

At Pate's we believe passionately in the holistic education of the pupils in our care. Academic qualifications are of course hugely important and rightly at the heart of the education we offer, however Pate’s as a school is also about so much more. Events such as House Music, House Drama, House Public Speaking, Pate’s Lectures and Sports Day are at the core of our community. We also aspire to maintain the broadest possible curriculum for our students and so our solution to promoting and nurturing what we value? Tuesday Afternoon Enrichment, known as 'TPM'. On Tuesday afternoons there are no lessons at Pate's, but instead a myriad of activities that we hope enrich our students, that challenge them to try new things and that will help them to develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

For years 7 - 11 the list of activities is unending - archery, buschcraft, cookery, diy..... all the way through the alphabet to yoga and zumba! We regularly welcome into school speakers from politics or industry for whole school lectures, whilst our 6th Form are often the unseen heroes of TPM – each week  many of them are actively involved in delivering sessions to younger pupils or working in primary schools or care homes. TPM provides them with the space and time to go out and develop their skills but also crucially to give back to our local community. Tuesday afternoons are unique to Pate's and sum up so much about what is important to us.

What's on this week?
Please click on the timetable link below to view the Tuesday Afternoon Enrichment activities schedule we plan to deliver this week.


TPM September 27th 2022 – WEEK B



"This year in TPM I have learnt to build a fire, cook, iron and I have even interviewed an MP!" (Year 8 Pupil)