Flexible Learning Days & Activities Fortnight

Building on the activities we offer as part of our Tuesday Afternoon enrichment programme (TPM), each year we also collapse the timetable for a number of one off days (Flexible Learning Days) and the final fortnight of the summer term (Activities Fortnight). This additional time is used at Key Stage 4 to deliver elements of our Personal Development Curriculum (click here for more information) and to allow students to complete work shadowing.  Pupils in all key stages also use this time to further develop their learning, leadership and life skills, often involving working with members of the local community. Each day is varied and different, but with the emphasis always on supporting students towards becoming the young adults we aspire to nurture in our Pate's 2025 vision. 



"Activities Fortnight is a brilliant end to term, two weeks of Pate's at its best! House Drama is AMAZING and we did some great activities and trips. This will be the bit of school that I remember forever!" (Year 9 Pupil)