At Pate’s, our Tuesday Afternoon Enrichment programme (TPM) provides our students with unique opportunities to support their wider personal development and broaden their enrichment opportunities. TPM provides them with the much-needed space and time to experience the broadest possible curriculum, and to nurture their personal development, as well as their academic excellence.

On Tuesday afternoons, we suspend lessons for the last period of the day so that our students can enjoy a myriad of activities that challenge them to try new things, enable them to acquire practical life skills, and nurture them to develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Activities are sequenced so that students are empowered to build a holistic set of practical life skills and cultural capital that builds across Key Stages 3 – 5.

At Key Stage 3, our students enjoy a plethora of activities from cookery to yoga, sewing to washing and ironing, bushcraft to Pate’s Learner sessions, British Sign Language to revision skills, gender equality workshops to robotics, and anti-racism training to leadership skills workshops. TPM also consolidates the importance of our House System by facilitating all students’ participation in events such as House Music.

At Key Stage 4, our students engage in sessions on core RE, careers, mixed-gender sport, A Level taster sessions, mindfulness, current affairs, community activities with our local care homes, and visits from external speakers such as “Just Like Us” (LGBTQ+ Charity). Further opportunities are provided, once again, for all students to be a part of house events such as House Public Speaking.

At Key Stage 5, TPM provides yet another leadership opportunity for our Sixth Form students as they put their talents and hobbies to good use by supporting teachers facilitate activities like self-defence. Mentoring and nurturing the younger year groups during these sessions offers valuable cross year group integration and mentorship. TPM also provides valuable space within the timetable for Sixth Formers to develop themselves and others via outreach work in local primary schools, community work, and volunteering.

The flexible curriculum time that TPM offers provides students with bespoke opportunities to develop in ways that are targeted to their cohort’s needs. Student voice is strong at Pate’s, and opportunities for valuable TPM sessions are identified in our termly co-curricular student surveys. The result is a community-shaped, spiral enrichment programme that provides our students with relevant opportunities that best prepare them for the world in which they find themselves. More than that, the skills and values developed throughout the TPM programme shape our students into moral leaders of the future, who are equipped and ready to leave the world in a better place than they found it. 

Please see below for an example TPM timetable.   

TPM November 21st, 2023 – WEEK A

Year 7 TPM Responses

  • “I have enjoyed code-breaking the most as it was a fun puzzle, and I learnt a lot of things.”
  • “I have enjoyed sewing the most because I had the opportunity to learn some useful artistic skills.”
  • “I have enjoyed yoga as a TPM activity because it was very tranquil and stress-relieving.”

Year 8 TPM Responses

  • “Sign Language was by far my favourite TPM session – the Sixth Formers were really nice and made the session really fun.”
  • “The Racial Ambassador talk was my favourite because it was engaging and interesting. It was helpful to have open conversations around race and learn how to be an ally to our friends.”
  • “I really enjoyed cooking as part of Mandarin because it was fun to learn about Mandarin culture and to eat Chinese food.”
  • “The Indian music TPM was amazing. It was very interesting to learn about traditional Hindustani music.”

Year 9 TPM Responses

  • “First Aid was fun, interactive, and taught me a few vital lessons.”
  • “Looking at current affairs is interesting, and it gives me something to talk about with my family.”
  • “Self-defence was very interesting and engaging. A useful life skill.”
  • “Leadership skills was creative and practical. I will put these skills to good use in school leadership roles”

Year 10 TPM Responses

  • “I have enjoyed mixed sport, as playing mixed-gender sport enables you to pick up on a larger range of tricks and a different style of playing.”
  • “I loved making Christmas cards for care home residents because it was really sweet and nice to try and make someone’s day better.”

Year 11 TPM Responses

  • “Taster sessions provided an insightful opportunity to learn about A Level subjects.”
  • “I loved core PTE. I had a lot of fun learning about morality and perception of rules.”