Chemistry is a very practical subject and the emphasis on this course is to learn the key concepts of the subject through active experimental work. This also leads to the development of a range of useful laboratory and life skills such as planning, dexterity, observation and powers of analysis and evaluation. The course aims to emphasise the importance of the subject in modern society by highlighting the contribution it makes to social, economic, environmental and technological aspects of life, and to explain the chemical properties of matter by referring to changes at a particle level. Students will experience a wide range of chemical substances and reactions from across both inorganic and organic Chemistry.


Grade 8 or 9 at GCSE (Chemistry or Double Award) is the ideal preparation for Chemistry A level, however in a small number of cases it may also be appropriate to access the course with a grade 7, subject to discussion and agreement.  We also ask for a minimum of grade 7 in Maths.


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