As a school, we are on a journey to being ‘World Class’ in the broadest sense. Learning in this context is not just about outcomes, but also about the personal development along the way. Our students are encouraged to be happy, independent, curious, resilient, creative, and enquiring. It is these skills that set Pate’s students apart and that facilitate access to the very best opportunities, both here in the U.K. and abroad. 

Our extra and super-curricular offerings, and our House System, enable the development of a wide range of employability skills that are essential, even more-so in a post-Covid-19 labour market, for Pate’s students to ‘Shape the Future’. As a school, we recognise the importance of helping each individual to ‘be the me I choose to be’, and our careers programme sets out to offer impartial, informative advice and guidance. Please see our Careers Policy here for a more detailed breakdown of the programme.

Students also have access to further independent careers guidance through our partnership with Unifrog.

Provider & Employer Access Opportunities

Please see our Careers Calendar 2023-24 for a snapshot of our careers programme. 

Careers Calendar 2023-24

If you would like to add to the information and guidance that we provide our students, please email with opportunities for students in Years 7 – 11, or with opportunities for Sixth Form students.

Information for Parents/Carers 

We recognise that you play a key role in encouraging and supporting your children and young adults as they navigate their way through school, making important decisions at transition times, such as Year 9 GCSE Options, Post-16 route selection and A Level choices, and Post-18 university or alternative pathway selection.  The following guides provide information on each pathway: 

Career Journey PosterHigher and Degree Apprenticeship GuideParent Guide to Higher Education 2024Post-16 Brochure

The following websites will also help: 

Informed Choices | Informed Choices

Degree apprenticeships – Learn more here (

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