During Year 12 pupils are encouraged to work with new and unfamiliar art materials, alongside approaches that are challenging.  They will extend the boundaries of their experiences and acquire new skills to introduce a progressive approach for all future studies.  Over the course of the year, pupils will develop a diverse portfolio of work including at least one extended project. This project will be based on an idea, concept, theme or issue which demonstrates the candidate’s ability to sustain and realise their ideas.

In Year 13, pupils will develop their portfolio work further, producing another practical and personal investigation which is supported by a 3,000 word essay to show knowledge and understanding of context, and which complements their practical work. When possible, life drawing classes take place during both years of study.  Assessment is based on a selected portfolio of work (coursework) plus an externally set exam project.  Pupils will need to have a genuine interest in art, be resourceful and have a willingness to explore new approaches and challenge their current working practice.

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