Anna’s Royal Academy Acclaimed Art

Year 10 student Anna has had her work selected for the Young Artist’s Summer Show at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.  Anna has been selected out of 21,500 entries from artists aged 4-19. Many were selected for their online exhibition, and just a small number of successful artworks have also been selected for the display at the RA.

This is Anna’s description of her piece:

The Underground (Ink pen, A3)
“I recently flew back to China for the first time since the lockdown, and the first thing I was struck with was the sheer number of people. I tried to capture the lively yet claustrophobic effect, the overwhelming foreignness of the return, and the vibrant lives of very different strangers unified under the anonymity of the crowd.”

Congratulations Anna – we look forward to viewing the exhibition online and in person at the Royal Academy of Arts from 16 July to 11 August 2024.