Virtual Reunion

Welcome Classes of 2005, 2010 & 2015 to your Virtual Reunion


Russel Ellicott and The Pate's Society would like to welcome you all to your virtual reunion! We are so sorry that the current situation means that you can't come along to Pate's for an afternoon of feasting, reminiscing and a tour of the site but do watch this space for a date for this time next year! We hope that you enjoy your 'reunion' created with messages and photos - we hope that they bring back some lovely memories and perhaps lead you to renewing some forgotten friendships.

Please keep in touch with us by following our Pate's Alumni Facebook page and maybe drop us a line with your contact information if you'd like an invitation to join our Pate's Community when we launch our new alumni website later in the year!

Messages From Staff

"Hi all. Hope you are all well and still fondly remember your days at Pate’s? I hope as many of you engage in the virtual re-union and laugh through all the good old stories from school we as teachers never heard. Myself and Sue are still at Pate’s so span all your year groups and have so many amazing memories from them. After arriving in 1996 I am nearly but not quite the longest, not oldest serving member of staff. How did that happen? I hope many of you are still active, keeping fit and still playing sport. If not, you should be! We wish you all the best."

Mr Simon and Mrs Sue Dandy

Looking at all your names brought back some great memories! Teams- especially netball ‘A’ level lessons, and what fantastic sports leaders some of you were. I hope you’re all enjoying life and keeping fit!! I’m on Facebook if anyone wants to be ‘friends - I would be happy to accept. I wish you all well.

Caroline Mackenzie


"Welcome to this Virtual Reunion, some of you from 2005 may remember me as Deputy Head of Sixth form, working with Helen Hooper, while those of you who left in 2010 may remember me as Head of Biology. I left Pate's in 2012, to be a Deputy Head at an Independent School in Worcester but I came back in 2018 (couldn't stay away!)  and am now Head of Biology again and loving it. I'm looking forward to hearing what you have all been doing since you left and which parts of the world you have visited." 

Mrs Ceri Smee


“ Greetings to all past Pate’s students. It is so good to know that you keep in touch with the school. Myself and all the staff both past and present are always very interested in what you are doing” 

Mr Rod Ashman


"Dear classes of various years,

 It is hard to believe that some of you will be entering your mid-thirties now; harder still to accept that this helps explain the portly, thin-haired gentleman who gazes back at me from the mirror. I trust time has served you well, and that you are all nicely ‘centred’ (apologies for use of buzz-guff), with happy and fulfilling lives. Or teaching. (I jest-it’s still not a bad gig). I hope that you have fond memories of your time at Pate’s, a school that we would like to believe retains a special and unique bond with its protégés. Whatever success looks like through your eyes, I trust you have found it, or have at least not despaired of ever finding it. As I believe they say in some parts of the world, ‘go well’." 

Mr Trevor Allinson


"Dear All, 

Thank you so much for coming back to visit us virtually, even if sadly we can't be together physically. I hope that you and your families are all well in these strange times.  When the world re-opens again, please do come and say hello in person and come and have a look at the new Sixth Form block etc. 

Despite the strange situation, we are working hard to keep Pate's 'as ever' - next week Years 7 and 8 are still doing a virtual 'Activities Fortnight' and Ms Lane and I have been planning for a virtual House Music in the new academic year. (The  House 'Pembroke' is now 'complete' all the way through the school from this coming September!).  If necessary, virtual House Chess, House Art and Public Speaking are also all on the cards! 

Thank you again for sending in your messages to say 'hello', I am very much looking forward to reading about what you are all now doing. "

Rachel Thorpe (Deputy Head - although known better as a music teacher or Head of House to many of you!)



We would like to pause and remember those Pate's students who we have lost – they will always be loved and have a place in our hearts.
Class of 2010
Vandana Singh  Mel Martin-Hughes
Class of 2015
Becky Wilmot  Tom Millward