Supporting Pate’s

Regular Gifts and Single Gifts

Regular gifts can be made monthly, quarterly or annually for any number of years you decide. By making a donation in this way you provide Pate’s with a vital regular income that enables us to plan ahead and use your donation more effectively.

Regular Gifts and Single Gifts can be set up using the 'Making £nds Meet' donation form or by giving online as outlined below.

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Online Donations

Please use our Virgin Money Giving site for online donations. 

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Matched Gifts

Many companies operate gift-matching schemes. This means that when an employee makes a gift to a registered charity the company may match this donation, in full or in part. Some companies even match at more than 100%, at no extra cost to you.

To find out if your company operates such a scheme, and to obtain a copy of their matching gift form, please contact your Human Resources or Personnel Department. It may be helpful to know that Pate's Grammar School is an educational (exempt) charity, and registered as such with HMRC (no XR10888).

We have assembled a list of companies that we understand will match their employees charitable gifts.

Including Pate's in your Will

Those who remember Pate’s in their will are making the most personal of gifts and breathing life into future generations. We all wish to ensure our families are supported first, but why not consider leaving just 1% to Pate’s. Legacies made to Pate’s are exempt from Inheritance Tax in the UK because the school is a charity. A legacy is simple to put into effect, either by adding a codicil or by making a revision to your existing will. Independent legal advice is essential in ensuring a legacy is made in the most appropriate and tax-effective way.

Gift Aid

As an exempt charity, Pate’s is able to reclaim the basic rate of tax (currently 20%) on your gift. Please consider gift-aiding your donation. As a result of the gift-aided donations we already receive, HM Revenue and Customs is our biggest single donor. That’s a nice feeling!

Please contact Shirley Park by email at or on 01242 538283 for any further information or to arrange a meeting if you would like to discuss further.