Recent Events

The Pate's Society AGM meeting via Zoom, Saturday 25th September 2021

The Pate's Society recently held their AGM meeting - thanks to everyone who joined remotely!

Here are the minutes and Accounts from the meeting in case you missed it but would like to read about it.


Signed Pates Accounts 2021


50th & 60th Anniversary Reunion – 12th October 2019

We were so pleased to welcome over 70 of our alumni for a wonderful buffet lunch and a tour of our Archive facility.  It was lovely to see so many smiles and hear so much warm chatter as school stories and tales of mischief were discussed! The following photos of the event are available to purchase, please email Sarah Cartwright for further details.

20th Anniversary Reunion - Saturday 6th July 2019

It was lovely to welcome a group of 1999 Leavers back for an afternoon tea in the Art Gallery.  Thank you to their chief organiser John Beard, for linking in with around 30 friends who spent a happy afternoon catching up.

5 & 10 Year Anniversary Reunion - Saturday 6th July 2019

Our most recent leavers joined us for a relaxing lunch and were able to see how much the school site has changed in a decade. We hope that they come back and see us again before their next scheduled reunion - their 50th Anniversary!

30th Anniversary Reunion - Saturday 13th July 2019

It was a pleasure to welcome a group of over 50 1989 leavers back to Pate's, with alumnus Lisa Peacey doing a fabulous job organising friends from across the country to make the trip back to school.