Pate’s Grammar School


Before launching an appeal for your child to have a place at Pate's, we would urge you to consider whether you have grounds for appeal that go beyond suggesting that your child (like many others) would benefit from Pate's. Our admissions criteria and, based upon experience, the independent Admissions Appeal Panel have not given weight in their reported deliberations to factors such as the nearness to school, travel arrangements, sibling links, the fact that a child would contribute a great deal to the school (academically, musically, in sporting or other arenas), family or child upset at not getting a place, the negatives you perceive about the alternative school allocated. Over 90% of appeals have not proven to be successful in the past. In the end, however, it must be your decision.

One of the main concerns at Appeal is whether the admissions process has been conducted in a reasonable way, in line with the admissions policy or whether there has been any significant flaw in procedure that would have changed the outcome of allocation of places. They have sometimes also taken note of significant illness or other similar factor that would have caused under-performance on the test day.

It is not possible to register a Year 7 appeal until after 1st April 2020, following the local authority's admissions allocation. Appeal hearings will take place mid May (exact date to be confirmed) at Hester's Way Resource Centre. Please be advised that, in order to be fair and remain impartial, we are unable to discuss details of individual cases.


Please register for an In-Year appeal by completing the ‘In-Year Appeal Form’ below.   

Further information:

Appeals Registration Form (for in year appeals) Appeals Guidance

"Thank you for all your help with understanding the admissions process, it was all made very easy and allowed my son to focus on simply doing his best in the test" (Parent)