Social Sciences and Technology Faculty

The Social Sciences and Technology Faculty at Pate's comprises of the Economics, Business, DT, Psychology and Computing departments. Although initially these may appear to contain a widely diverse group of subjects, in fact these subjects have a great deal in common. In these departments, authenticity and links with real world practice are essential. As a faculty we aim to use real world problems and examples in lessons, make links with external organisations and organise speakers, visits and work opportunities. We develop essential skills for the world of work, with an emphasis in all key stages on collaborative working, problem-solving and independence.

Our classrooms are exciting places to explore ideas without the fear of failure and we encourage critical evaluation and reflection. There are few right answers in our subjects – just lots of viewpoints and opinions, so our classes are filled with debate and discussion as students explore their own ideas and those of others. In these classrooms Pate's students can be found creating solutions to challenges, presenting their findings and taking the initiative. We set high expectations for our students and support them to achieve their goals. These goals might be projects of their own, such as setting up their own business, making a fully operational digital radio, programming a new game for friends to play, or investigating celebrity crushes! We support many students in their career goals in getting work experience, internships and places at university - nurturing all to achieve their full potential both at Pate's and beyond.

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"I love how my Economics lessons always relate to the real world, I go home excited and curious about the world around me." (Year 13 Pupil)