Science Faculty

Science at Pate’s is a gateway to solving the challenges of the future.  It is a place where we aim to inspire our students to go forth boldly into the world.  We look to develop our knowledge acquiring learners and prepare them for a huge range of opportunities ahead from academia to scientific industry.  With the demands on resources becoming ever more challenging we need to produce passionate young men and women who will go on and shape the scientific landscape of the world both near and far.  Our lessons are safe spaces for differing viewpoints and where mistakes are an essential part of becoming a more resilient scientist.

The Science faculty is comprised of 5 departments - Lower School Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology.  All of our laboratories are facilities that enable curiosity to flourish, questions to asked, ideas to be cultured and most importantly for excellent practical work to be carried out.  Experimental work is essential for academic progress including planning, dexterity, observation and powers of analysis and evaluation.

Many of our students have represented the school regionally and nationally and some internationally.  We have enthusiastic, rigorous and academic staff who are passionate about their subjects, and run local, national and international trips.


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Curriculum Overview Lower School Science

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Curriculum Overview Biology

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Curriculum Overview Chemistry

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Curriculum Overview Physics

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"The support from my Physics teacher was quite simply amazing" (Ex-student)