Science Faculty

Science thrives at Pate's. For example, each year over 50% of students at Pate's take Chemistry A level, making us one of the top 5 - 10 schools in the country in terms of both our size of provision and results. Likewise, each year between 75 and 100 of our students leave us to go on and study a Science-related degree. The Science faculty is comprised of 4 departments  - Lower School Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. All departments are well resourced; we are fortunate that the majority of our Science labs have been recently refurbished and Lower School Science and Biology in particular are also able to make use of the school's conservation area for practical work.

Practical work is at the heart of learning in the Science faculty, the emphasis in all year groups is on learning the key concepts of the subject through active experimental work. This also leads to the
development of a range of useful laboratory and life skills such as planning, dexterity, observation and powers of analysis and evaluation. The faculty aims to promote and explore the importance of science  in modern society by highlighting the contribution it makes to social, economic, environmental and technological aspects of life. The faculty looks to develop students who ask questions about the universe around them and who seek to explain the phenomena we encounter in our daily lives.

Science at Pate's isn't confined to our labs. Students regularly take part and win both local and national science competitions, from Lego challenges, to Fame Lab and the Girls Get Set Engineering Competition. Likewise students regularly achieve Gold awards in the Biology, Chemistry and Physics Olympiads and a number of students have gone on to represent the UK at the international Olympiad level.The Faculty has strong links with industry (e.g. Dyson) and facilitates regular local, national and international trips. Pate's also works with a number of local primary schools to promote 'excellence in science' more widely. Our successes are considerable by every measure.

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"The support from my Physics teacher was quite simply amazing" (Ex-student)