Learning at Pate’s – Our Approach

Pate's is a unique and special place to learn. This doesn't happen by accident. We take a holistic view of learning, emphasising the rewards of deep understanding of the subject, instilling a love of learning and its challenges. We aim to cultivate in our students life long skills of aspiration and resilience, setting challenging but manageable tasks and using appropriate praise to build pupil self-esteem. We ask students to see failure as a key part of the learning journey. Students and staff alike are encouraged to take risks and to try new things, to be creative, solve problems and to inspire others around them. We recognise the importance of metacognition and reflection, and we encourage students to use a wide range of thinking approaches. Our students are also encouraged to take responsibility, articulate views, ask questions and lead their peers. All of these high expectations are embodied
within the Pate's Learner which is visible in every classroom and used throughout our curriculum.

For staff, collaboration, feedback and support sit at the heart of our ''Pate's Learning Framework', our community's agreed definition of world class learning. Our staff continually engage in research based professional development, to ensure that pedagogy in the school is rooted in best practice and at the forefront of educational thinking.

In July 2019, Pate's was delighted to receive the The High Performance Learning (HPL) World Class School Award in recognition of our learning ethos. One of only nine schools to receive this around the globe in 2018/19, this award recognises the very best schools in the world and is designed for those at the forefront of educational thinking. HPL’s Founder and CEO, Professor Deborah Eyre said: “I am absolutely delighted to confer HPL World Class
Award Status upon Pate’s Grammar School. This recognises Pate’s commitment to embedding HPL as part of the school’s DNA, as part of its quest to develop world-class learners. Their adoption of HPL, building on past success, is ensuring that Pate’s students are impressive and flexible learners, who I have no doubt will leave Pate’s college-, career-and life-ready.”

Learning isn't however restricted to the classroom environment, our students equally develop their skills in the broader contexts of co-curricular activities and self study. We do not believe in setting homework for the sake of it, but instead when the time is right and when it help pupils make progress in their learning, whether that be in their knowledge, skills, understanding or in their own personal growth. Please take the time to read
our Homework Philosophy.

For students looking for stretch and challenge in a particular area, our Broadening Horizons Booklet KS3 and Broadening Horizons Booklet (KS4 & 5) facilitate independent research and enquiry at the highest level. There can be few schools where learning is perceived by staff and students alike to be quite so fun.


"Pate's make me feel comfortable and in control of my learning, teachers help me when I am struggling, keep me updated on how I can improve my work and where my strengths and weaknesses are” (Year 7 Pupil)