Languages Faculty

Language skills are a great asset for life: for pupils, future careers and for society more broadly. At Pate's we aim to foster a love of language learning early on, and to engender the confidence and curiosity needed to succeed on the long journey towards fluency.

The language faculty equips learners with the multi-faceted skills and confidence required to become proficient global communicators. We expect all pupils to be ready and willing to take risks and to embrace the challenge of decoding less-familiar language and structures. Students have rich and engaging classroom experiences underpinned by authentic materials, solid grammar training, native language assistants and various trips to broaden their horizons further still.

Above all we teach language that serves a real purpose in the outside world and celebrate that many soft skills valued by employers are by-products of foreign language acquisition. Multilingualism and diversity are highly valued, as is developing cultural understanding and tolerance. Pate's linguists may even go on to study, work and thrive in a foreign country, accessing authentic culture, literature and film as a whole new world opens up to them.

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"Learning German at Pate's (and in particular the exchange to Bad Kreuznach) transformed my life. I am now working in Frankfurt and still keep in touch with my old exchange partner." (Ex Pate's Pupil)