Languages Faculty

Learning languages is a long-term investment – for pupils, their careers and for society more broadly. Whether students pick up languages at home, at Pate’s, online or later when travelling the world, language skills are a great asset for life. At Pate's we aim to foster a love of language learning early on, and engender the confidence and curiosity needed to be able to continue on a long journey towards fluency. As a faculty we offer a core of European languages: French, German and Spanish, but past students have gone on to study many more languages e.g Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin, Portuguese post-GCSE and A-Level, often inspired by the enrichment and taster sessions that we also provide.


At Pate’s, the language faculty equips students with the multi-facetted skills required to be resilient, confident global communicators who are not afraid to take risks when coping with deciphering less-familiar vocabulary and decoding texts. Students at Pate's are also lucky enough to be able to enrich their classroom experiences with many residential opportunities and exchanges abroad, and also to access native foreign language assistants from Year 7 - a valuable resource for any language learner. English is a global language, but in fact only about 6% of the world’s population are native English speakers and an estimated 75% do not speak English at all. Languages combine well with all other core and option subjects – and through languages we teach so much more than knowledge of the languages themselves. We value and celebrate that many soft skills valued by employers are by-products of foreign language acquisition. Many Pate's students go on to study, work and thrive in a foreign country, accessing authentic culture, literature and film as a whole new world opens up to them.

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"Learning German at Pate's (and in particular the exchange to Bad Kreuznach) transformed my life. I am now working in Frankfurt and still keep in touch with my old exchange partner." (Ex Pate's Pupil)