Humanities Faculty

The Humanities Faculty at Pate's is a vibrant, innovative and successful faculty made up of the History, Geography, Politics and Philosophy, Theology and Ethics departments. Our faculty vision is to engage, challenge and encourage our students to develop a lifelong commitment to learning. We aim to prepare our students to take hold of the vast range of opportunities available to them in the world today. This includes not only the world of work, but also cultural enrichment and opportunities for enhanced appreciation of humanity; making students aware of their past, present and future. Our hope for our students is that their learning within Humanities enables them to actively participate in the world with sensitivity and integrity.

Geography in particular aims to create global citizens equipped to understand how a diverse range of economies, societies and environments are interconnected. Through questioning, investigation and critical thinking, students explore their place in the world, as well as their own values and their responsibilities. Students are given the tools to make sense of a complex and dynamically changing world, at all different scales. They learn how places and landscapes are formed, and how people and their environment interact in both positive and negative ways, in the past, now and in the future.

In History, students are excited to come to lessons and enjoy not only the academic rigour of the subject, but a true passion for the past and how it continues to shape their present. Teachers, considered to be life-long learners just as the students they teach, deliver outstanding lessons which challenge all students to make excellent progress. Intellectual curiosity is stimulated and the imagination is fired - whilst in addition students develop their independence and transferable skills to raise their employability and help them to think critically when problem solving beyond the school gates.

Studying Philosophy, Theology and Ethics is a joyously daring venture, which has the potential to change our beliefs, purpose and even our sense of identity. We explore beyond the usual boundaries, question the unquestioned and speak the unspeakable. In the words of a recent visitor to a PTE class, “Can we really ask anything in here?” Yes we can! This freedom brings new criticality and confidence to studies elsewhere in school, and prepares students for engaging with the world with integrity and sensitivity. Together pupils spur each other on to greater depths of understanding, analysis, evaluation and expression, each individual developing a critical appreciation of their own beliefs and those of others.

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"In PTE we have some amazing class debates, everybody is engaged and it feels safe to share your views and beliefs" (Year 10 Pupil)