Humanities Faculty

As a family of academic disciplines, the Humanities offer students the critical skills with which to understand, analyse, evaluate and celebrate a diverse and complex world. Our subjects explore human behaviour within the complex web of ideas, systems and processes that shape our world. They are the ideal preparation for enabling our students to have an impact on the future; based on the knowledge they learn and, importantly, the space we give them to develop their own values and appreciate the values of others. We aim to develop their curiosity about the past, present and future of the world and their place in it. They learn that there are no simple explanations, that their actions have an impact, and that the world is dynamic and uncertain. Through the content that they learn and the methods by which they learn in our classrooms and super-curricular opportunities, they become more resilient and confident to play their part in the world.
The Faculty comprises the History, Politics, Geography, Economics and Business and Philosophy, Theology and Ethics Departments. It offers a diverse range of activities, both inside and outside the classroom, and prides itself on the experiences that it gives students to learn practically and from a wide range of speakers.


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"In PTE we have some amazing class debates, everybody is engaged and it feels safe to share your views and beliefs" (Year 10 Pupil)