English and Drama Faculty

Through reading, writing and performance, the English and Drama Faculty seeks to embed the life skills of effective written and spoken communication. We believe that inspirational teaching of the written word can enrich and enhance every aspect of life, as through the reading and performance of a wide variety of texts, students gain creativity, flexibility, resilience and empathy. This is achieved through a rich programme of study, with schemes of work that are challenging, enjoyable and responsive to the needs of our students. The blend of critical, imaginative and practical skills helps prepare students for a world where heightened critical faculties and articulacy are increasingly important in a fast moving and unpredictable jobs market.

We want our students to take risks, to learn by experience that trust through teamwork is invariably the most direct path to practicable solutions. Discrete library lessons aim to foster a love of reading, especially fiction, whilst in both English and Drama, the classroom is a space for experimentation, somewhere that students can draft and re-draft ideas until they are ready to communicate them via page and stage. We value the technical aspects of our subject areas, but are even more fundamentally drawn to their capacity for fostering discussion and debate.

Away from the classroom the faculty facilitates reading and creative writing groups, regular trips to the theatre, competitive debating and public speaking competitions, both within school and at regional, national and even international level. We believe that such experiences are commensurate with our desire to foster a lifelong respect for the transformative power of language, whether written or spoken.


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"The English department at Pate's has given me a gift for life - a love of literature" (Year 13 Pupil)