Arts Faculty

Art, Drama, Music and PE combine to form the Arts Faculty at Pate's, a Faculty that represents both academic excellence and also is at the heart of wider school life. The Faculty aims to develop well rounded pupils,who are resilient, culturally aware, able to express themselves creatively, take risks and become life-long learners. In this Faculty many Pate's students discover and follow individual passions, indeed it is a Faculty where individuals are valued, yet at the same time teamwork and communication are vital and taught explicitly - key skills for later life. A large number of students leave Pate's to pursue a career in a creative field, many at world class universities and colleges - however the skills acquired in these lessons are also transferable and of significant importance in all industries. The Arts faculty at Pate's has something to offer every pupil, regardless of their interest of skill set on arrival, all that is required is an open mind and a willingness to learn. A number of our students represent their country in Music, Sport and Drama, and we look to support, nurture and challenge these students in their field of excellence, however of equal importance to us is the development of pupils who find these subjects more challenging.


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"Without the amazing encouragement, support and guidance of the Art department, I would never have gone on to do both my Foundation Year and Art Degree - it was the most wonderful environment to call 'home' for seven years" (Ex - Student)