Getting Ready for A Level Work

Please see links below for work and ideas that our teachers have put together for Y11s in order to help prepare for A Level studies. Due to a range of factors, it has not been possible for all departments to provide work at this stage, but it would be worth checking back regularly as any new material will be added as it arrives.

We understand that everyone is approaching this situation differently and that you may well be dealing with family illness and other difficult circumstances, so we would like to reassure you that none of this work is compulsory and no one will be disadvantaged if they don’t manage to complete it. In many cases, departments are simply offering ideas to enable you to begin to explore your A Level subjects in a little more detail. We hope that this gives you a flavour of the learning taking place at Pate’s and that you find it both useful and enjoyable.



Biology 1_Head start on Biology booklet (Optional)

Biology 2_plant cell article

Biology 3_Reading List

Biology 4_Shedding Light on Plant Cell Biology 2020



English Literature


Geography 1

Geography 2

German 1

German 2_tschick Vokabeln

History - 16C

History - 19C


Maths 1a_2010 June Question paper

Maths 2_2011 June Question paper

Maths 3_June_12_Question_Paper

Maths 4_2013 June Question paper

Maths 5_2014 June Question paper

Maths 6_2015 June Question paper

Maths 7_2016 Question paper

Maths 8_2017 Question Paper

Maths 9_Answers to Foundations of Advanced Maths papers

Maths 10_Bridging-Topic1A_Indices-&-Surds

Maths 11_Bridging-Topic1A_ANSWERS-FWS

Maths 12_Bridging-Topic1B_LinearEqn's-&-Formulae

Maths 13_Bridging-Topic1B_ANSWERS-FWS

Maths 14_Bridging-Topic1C_Quadratics-&-Cubics

Maths 15_Bridging-Topic1C_ANSWERS-FWS

Maths 16_Bridging-Topic1D_Completing-the-Square

Maths 17_Bridging-Topic1D_ANSWERS-FWS

Maths 18_Bridging-Topic1E_Quadratic-Formula

Maths 19_Bridging-Topic1E_ANSWERS-FWS

Maths 20_Bridging-Topic1F_Line-Graphs

Maths 21_Bridging-Topic1F_ANSWERS-FWS

Maths 22_Bridging-Topic1G_Circles

Maths 23_Bridging-Topic1G_ANSWERS-FWS

Music 1_ Summer Work theory

Music 2_Summer Work listening

Music 3_Summer Work performing



Politics 1 - Intro to British Politics

Politics 2 - Summer Work Book

Politics 3 - Summer Activities

Politics 4 - Task Booklet

Politics 5 - transition to Y12

Politics 6 - optional work


Spanish 1

Spanish 2

Theatre Studies 1

Theatre Studies 2_ Monologues

Theatre Studies 3_Hedda task