Sixth Form Team

From Left to Right - Chris Nicholas, Kate Amey, Miriam Wright, Annia Rhodes, Luke Stoneman, Ruth Lucas, Camilla Collier, Emily Cluer, James Burnford, Denise Hardy

While encouraging academic aspiration goes without saying, at the very heart of the Sixth Form Team is pastoral care. We are on hand to ensure that students get the advice, support, opportunities, and information needed to thrive at Pate’s and be prepared for the world ahead, in whatever direction that might be, for we endeavour to establish what is right for each individual. Friendly and approachable, we love our work here and are happy to help with anything and everything.

Mr Chris Nicholas – Head of Sixth Form

Prior to joining Pate’s as Head of Sixth Form and Assistant Head in January 2020, Chris Nicholas spent ten years at Reading School, a state boys grammar school where he was Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form as well as teaching Geography across all age groups.

Originally from Liverpool, Mr Nicholas is a keen sportsman and an ever optimistic follower of Everton FC. Before becoming a teacher, he worked as a Policy Officer in local government before deciding to move to Spain to work in an international school where he developed his love of all things Spanish.

As well as teaching Geography throughout the school, Mr Nicholas particularly relishes the opportunity to work with sixth form students. He finds it a privilege to be able to provide them with the support and guidance needed at such an important and exciting time in their lives.

Mr Luke Stoneman – Head of Year

After having taught at Pate’s for a number of years, Luke Stoneman joined the Sixth Form team in 2013. As an enthusiastic sportsman himself, he continues to teach PE and Games across the full age range through the school.

Mr Stoneman is passionate about helping sixth formers to make the most of their time here, focussing particularly on providing them with opportunities to challenge themselves both in and out of the classroom.

Placing a huge emphasis on positive relationships, Mr Stoneman works hard to get to know those he works with in order to understand and best support them, and is on hand to give each member of the year group the appropriate guidance they need to succeed.

Miss Emily Cluer – Head of Year

Emily Cluer joined Pate’s in 2013 to teach History and Politics, after previous experience at an inner city London Comprehensive, an international bilingual Lycée in France and Cheltenham Ladies’ College. As Head of Politics she loves the exciting atmosphere here at Pate’s and enjoys inspiring 6th form students to engage with the wider world by inviting speakers of every political persuasion to address the school.

As Head of Year, Miss Cluer’s passion is to see students make the most of their ability and whilst she puts much emphasis on supporting students in their academic studies, she also takes great pleasure in her pastoral role, helping students resolve personal issue and working with them on an individual basis to help them achieve their goals for the future.

Miss Cluer finds it hard to think of a more fulfilling role in life than helping bright, committed young people to fulfil their ambitions.

Mr James Burnford – Assistant Head of Year and English Teacher

James Burnford is in his eighth year of teaching, spending three years at a comprehensive school in Bath, two in an international school in Dubai and the remaining three and a half at Pate's. He teaches English across all age groups.

Previously, James has worked as Assistant Head of Year 7 but made the move to the sixth form team last September. Passionate about delivering personalised support, he has thoroughly enjoyed working closely with the sixth form students to develop tailored interventions for their needs. Working in both a pastoral and academic capacity, James has relished his new role and being part of the excellent sixth form team.

Miss Annia Rhodes – Assistant Head of Year and Biology Teacher

Annia Rhodes joined Pate’s in 2020 following the completion of her Master’s degree. She is a member of the Biology Department and joined the Sixth Form Team in 2021. She enjoys supporting both the academic and pastoral work of the school and is keenly interested in working with all students in the sixth form to enable them to achieve the learning success they seek. Placing a huge emphasis on support, Miss Rhodes works hard to assist all students throughout their time at Pate’s.

She is presently leading a research project to investigate key links between learner motivation and academic success across the school, which is linked to her ongoing MA in Teaching Studies. She enjoys travel and has previously worked with Camp America and tutored many International Students both in the UK and in the USA, including a year living abroad in Canada.

Mrs Camilla Collier – Pastoral Manager

Camilla Collier joined the Sixth Form Team at Easter 2012. Having had a child go through the system, she appreciates what parents need to know, and stresses the importance of the students not just being a set of grades. While her background was in advertising and broadcasting, her main job here is 6th form pastoral care. Chairs in her office await anyone who’s having a bad day, needs a cup of tea, or is fretting over a random query – which she’ll do her very best to sort out. Parents are welcome to get in touch (generally it’s with a “s/he doesn’t know I’m calling but …” Discretion is assured.

Mrs Collier also runs the work experience programme, writes references, and works closely with Mr Allinson on the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Her nightmare of a desk is fair game for pen borrowing and scissor stealing.

Mrs Denise Hardy - Sixth Form Manager

Denise Hardy is our Sixth Form Manager. This role encompasses the organisation and administration of the behind the scenes nuts and bolts of the sixth form, and aims to ensure it all runs smoothly. Mrs Hardy joined in Sept 2014 as Sixth Form Attendance Administrator. She has just seen one son through Sixth Form here, and with another currently going through, she is fully aware of the system from a parent’s point of view.

Mrs Miriam Wright – Sixth Form Administrator and Attendance

Miriam Wright joined us in Sept 2018. She is responsible for monitoring attendance, which includes making sure that all Sixth Form students are in and on time to school and to lessons. She is often seen striding down the corridors in search of those students who have not registered! She also provides administrative support to the rest of the team.

Mrs Ruth Lucas – Higher Education Adviser

Ruth Lucas joined Pate’s in 2010 and has wide experience of all aspects of the university admissions process in the UK, USA and Europe. She visits Universities regularly to learn about new courses offered and arranges for university speakers to give talks at Pate's. As well as being first port of call for all UCAS queries, she is on hand to help with in-depth advice on A level subject choices, university courses and other options. Bright and interesting students applying for diverse and challenging courses make this a varied and enjoyable task. She thoroughly enjoys the job of guiding students towards the next step after life at Pate's and encourages them to come back and share their experiences.

Mrs Kate Amey – Sixth Form Admissions and Marketing Manager

Kate Amey joined our team in January 2022.  With a background in project management, administration and marketing, Mrs Amey is responsible for all aspects of Sixth Form admissions as well as our Year 12 induction process.  Whether moving to Pate’s from a different school, or joining from Year 11 in Pate’s, she will ensure that students have a smooth transition.  She is also responsible for the marketing of our Sixth Form, including our social media channels.

"There is always somebody in the 6th Form team around to talk to if you need some help or advice, however big or small" (Year 12 Pupil)