6th Form Team

While encouraging academic aspiration goes without saying, at the very heart of the Sixth Form Team is pastoral care. We are on hand to ensure that students get the advice, support, opportunities, and information needed to thrive at Pate’s and be prepared for the world ahead, in whatever direction that might be, for we endeavour to establish what is right for each individual. Friendly and approachable, we love our work here and are happy to help with anything and everything.

Mr Trevor Allinson – Head of Sixth Form              

Trevor Allinson arrived at Pate’s for what was meant to be a five year sojourn as Head of English.  That was in 2002, but rather than putting this down to being arithmetically challenged (which he is), he simply ascribes it to the wonderfully positive atmosphere that reverberates around the classrooms and corridors of the school, making it difficult to imagine being anywhere else.

His role as Head of Sixth Form includes all matters pertaining to UCAS and Higher Education, something he has wanted to become more deeply involved in for a while. His reading habits now veer more towards personal statements than short stories as he strives to dispense the best advice he can to the bewilderingly diverse and talented sixth-formers in the school. He struggles to see what better occupation there could be than helping bright, committed and extremely likeable young people towards the right destinations for them. 

Mr Luke Stoneman – Deputy Head of Sixth Form, Head of Year 13

After having taught at Pate’s for a number of years, Luke Stoneman joined the Sixth Form team in 2013. As an enthusiastic sportsman himself, he continues to teach PE and Games across the full age range through the school.

Mr Stoneman is passionate about helping sixth formers to make the most of their time here, focussing particularly on providing them with opportunities to challenge themselves both in and out of the classroom.

Placing a huge emphasis on positive relationships, Mr Stoneman works hard to get to know those he works with in order to understand and best support them, and is on hand to give each member of the year group the appropriate guidance they need to succeed.

Ms Emily Cluer – Head of Year 12

Emily joined Pate’s in 2013 to teach History and Politics, after previous experience at an inner city London Comprehensive, an international bilingual Lycée in France and Cheltenham Ladies’ College. She loves the exciting atmosphere here at Pate’s and enjoys inspiring 6th form students to engage with the wider world by inviting speakers of every political persuasion to address the school.

As Head of Year 13, Emily’s passion is to see students make the most of their ability and whilst she puts much emphasis on supporting students in their academic studies, she also takes great pleasure in her pastoral role, helping students resolve personal issue and working with them on an individual basis to help them achieve their goals for the future.

Emily finds it hard to think of a more fulfilling role in life than helping bright, committed young people to fulfil their ambitions.

 Mrs Elizabeth West - Sixth Form Manager and Assistant Head of Year

Liz West runs the administrative side of the Sixth Form Office working alongside the rest of the team, and joined in December 2011. With a background in marketing and education, Mrs West loves being in her office off the Sixth Form study centre where she can keep up to date with what everyone is doing, and is always available for a chat, and a loan of her hole-punch.

Mrs Camilla Collier - Assistant Head of Year

Camilla Collier joined the Sixth Form Team at Easter 2012. Initially for 2 hours a day for 2 weeks, she loved it so much she just … stayed. With a son who has recently left the Sixth Form, she appreciates what parents need to know. While her background is in advertising and broadcasting, her main job here is 6th form pastoral care. Chairs in her office await anyone who’s having a bad day, needs a cup of tea, or is fretting over a random query – which she’ll do her very best to sort out.

Mrs Collier also runs the work experience programme and works closely with Ms Reid on the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Her nightmare of a desk is fair game for pen borrowing and scissor stealing. 

Mrs Denise Hardy

Denise Hardy joined Pate’s in September 2014 and works part time (mornings only). Her primary role is monitoring attendance – so if you have any planned absences or arrive late she is the one to see! You can find her in the entrance to the Sixth Form Centre. Mrs Hardy is married with 2 children (one at Pate's!) and enjoys being part of the team in this busy bustling school.

Mrs Ruth Lucas

Ruth Lucas is a key member of the sixth form team and has wide experience of all aspects of the university admissions process in the UK, USA and Europe. Mrs Lucas visits Universities regularly to learn about new courses offered and arranges for university speakers to give talks at Pate's. As well as being first port of call for all UCAS and Common Application-related queries, she is on hand to help with in-depth advice on A level subject choices, university courses and other options. Bright and interesting students applying for diverse and challenging courses make this a varied and enjoyable task.

Mrs Lucas thoroughly enjoys the job of guiding students towards the next step after life at Pate's and encourages them to come back and share their experiences.

"There is always somebody in the 6th Form team around to talk to if you need some help or advice, however big or small" (Year 12 Pupil)